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Liste des bateaux:

Aldo E 1367 Holland ?, 1980 16 juin, One Ton Cup, Naples: 21-20-18-18-26= 23e/27, renamed "Viking II";
S 5588 Holland 1978 by Souter UK;
Artemis US Holland ?, 1975 1er septembre, One Ton Cup, Newport: 5e/20, info RB SB: "Artemis was not shy to apply technological innovations - in addition to her Kevlar reinforced mainsail, she used an innovative and lightweight boom, with hydraulic vang, an inset clew track and powerful Harken mainsheet system";
Photos courtesy Steve Kelley, via RB Sailing Blog 2015;

Billycan K 3661 Holland 1974;
Blind Melon
US Holland 1974, 1976 1976 SORC Miami-Nassau Race: ?e/??, Semaine des One Tonners, Saint Petersburg Floride: 2e/13, 1977 Chartered by Siegel;
Bootlegger US 13966 Holland 1975 en plastique, 1975 Semaine des One Tonners, Saint Petersburg Floride: ?e/11, SORC 75: 4e/??, rating: 27.5';
1975 Avril "Bateaux"
1975 Mai "Voiles et Voiliers",
Botta Dritta
ITA 9034 Polaris 37 Holland ?, 1981 Alassio: 3e/17 Classe III, Mr Benetton, Championnat d'Italie, Punta Ala: 15-11-15-10 = 13e/22 Classe III, Luigi Carpaneda, 1989 Giraglia: 7e:?? Classe III, F. Baldoni, 2008 Mai, Trophée Pirelli: 1er/13 IRC B, Marco Matila;
Bremen G 666 Holland 1978, ossature aluminium et sanswich bois stratifié;
Bulcon Star BU 606 Holland 1978, ex "Tilsag";
K 3661 Holland 1974, 1974 One Ton Cup, Torbay: ?e/33
, B. Mackay, ou "Billy Cane"?, 1975 Fastnet Race: 35e/42 Classe III, B. Mackay;

Canquin F 6810 Holland 1976;
Chaos ? Holland 1979 Kiwi, ex "Regardless", not built as One Tonner: 30.1';
Charleton V K 245 Holland 1977, renammed "Touch Too";
KA A 3 Holland 1979, 1979 Décembre, fait naufrage en se rendant de Hobart à Sydney pour la Southern Cross. (Lost at sea with all souls. Forever Sailing);
1979 "Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",
Painting by Jack Earle (from Facebook 2021),
Chigoe F 7464 Holland 1978;

Fantomas F 6810 Holland 1976, ex "Canquin";
Flirt Of Paget KB 5 Holland 1981, ex "Spritzer", not built as One Tonner: 30.1';
Fragudue Italie Polaris 37 1981, 2011 September, For Sale 33 000 Euros, visible in Imperia (north west of Italy), 2014 January, For Sale, 21000 Euros, 2015 Two more pictures below, still For Sale;

Flying Star US 32946 Holland 1979 Kiwi, ex "Regardless", not built as One Tonner: 30.1';

Golden Apple IR 115 Holland Bois Moulé 1974;
Good Will NOR 4861 Holland 4? ?, pas sur que ce soit un One Tonner, 1994 10 juin, Færderseilasen: 15e/18 Klasse 10/B, Arild Dahlen;
Green Highlander K 2166 Holland ?, 2019 November, From Facebook: "Does anyone know where "Green Highlander" ended up? She was my father's Ron Holland One Tonner and I believe she went to Holland but don't know anything else... K 2166";

Hayrider ? Holland 1976, renamed "Schuykill";
Hinrik ? 15075 Holland 1978?;

Imp US 8990 Holland 1977 built by Kiwi Boat, not built as One Tonner;
Impromptu K 7515 Holland ??; canon
Indulgence K 969 Holland 1979, Kiwi Boat;
Infinity US 21212 Holland 1979, not built as One Tonner;
Irish Mist II IR 137 Holland ?, not built as One Tonner;

Jandro E 1384 Holland ?, 1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: ?e/43, V. Santana, 1977 6 aout, Semaine des Baléares: ?e/?? Classe III;
Jelik KH 600 Holland ?;
Jezabel F Swan 39 ?;

Katsou F 6494 Holland 1975, not built as One Tonner: Two Tonner;

La Monique KZ 3325 Holland 1980, 1989 New owner, and refit, 1990 26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 39e/49 IMS, corrected time 3d08h42', TCF 8121, B. Brooks;
1990 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Lancer IV K 3697 Holland 1975, renamed "Morning Dew";

Mar Menor ESP 1677C Holland 1979, ex "Yachtman II";

Matilda K 3662 Holland 1974 built in wood by McWilliam, ex "Offwego"
Mo Hai BL 363 Holland 1978;
Morning Dew FRA 19876 Holland 1975, ex "Lancer IV";

Mr Nic ITA 9370 Polaris 37 1981;

Offwego K 3662 Holland 1974 built in wood by McWilliam, renamed "Matilda";

Polaristar Italie Polaris 37 Holland 19??, 1980 One Ton Cup, Milan: ?e/27;

Red Baron KH 1080 Holland 36' 1982, 1982 3 April, China Sea Race, elapsed time 94h46': 1st/50 IOR, Rolly Schmitt
, 1984 14 April, China Sea Race, elapsed time 110h15': 6e/38 IOR, Rolly Schmitt, China Sea Race series: 3e/??, 6 August, Pan Am Clipper Cup: ?e/??, 1986 23 March, China Sea Race, elapsed time 109h26': 5e/18 IOR, Rolly Schmitt, comment from Facebook 2023 "Red Baron. Owned by Roland Schmitt and built around 1982. Ron Holland design with a light air focus. Still afloat in Hong Kong I think.";
Picture from Hebe Jebes • May/Jun 2016,
Reder Avel F Holland 1975, ex "Katsou", not built as One Tonner;
Regardless IR 22467 Holland 1979, Kiwi, not built as One Tonner: 30.4';
Roy Arthur F 6810 Holland 1976, ex "Canquin";

Schuykill IR Holland 1976, ex "Hayrider";
Secret Affair
US Holland 1978, 1978 Bermuda Race: 2e/??, 1979 SORC, Tampa Bay, picture below, 2022 Comments from Facebook "Owner was Tom Greenwalt. A builder from Fairfield,Ct. sister to Imp or very close. I think the boat was built in Mystic." & "At one time was located in Detroit and the owner named it Mystic", 2006 January 9th, "Signature IOR 40 SA": "This is an area near and dear to my heart. We have an Imp sistership/development from 1978, original name Secret Affair (the orange one for those who rember - now blue). We are slowly overhauling as budget and our time permits. A recent big project we completed was repainting the deck with new non-skid and upgrading a lot of the deck hardware";

US 30033 Holland 1980, chantier Astrilleros Garriga, Espagne, kevlar-balsa..., 1980 One Ton Cup, Naples: 4-18-1-11-3 = 3e/27; Voir ci-dessous à "Todahesa";

Sheer Magic NOR 10232 Holland ?;
Shenandoah US 67800 Holland 1980, This boat was not built as a One Tonner;
Silver Apple IR 115 Holland 1975;
Silver Apple of The Moon IR 205 Holland 1979, This boat was not built as a One Tonner;
Spritzer KZ 4490 Holland 1981, renamed "Flirt Of Paget", not built as One Tonner: 30.1';
Swuzzlebubble III KZ 4466 Holland 1980, not built as One Tonner: 30.2';

Tass ? Holland 1980, ex "??";
Terrier K Holland 198? Kiwi Boats, 1983 20 November, OTC, Rio: 4e/28;
Testa E Lische
ITA 9672 198?, 2023 1 June, 14th 151 Miglia-Trofeo Cetilar, Livorno, elapsed time 42h22': 79e/139 IRC, Luca Martini;
SUI 2445 Polaris 37 ?, 2011 Bol d'Or: 243e/512 en 15h29', 2014 Bol D'Or: 228e/524 en 12h08', Junod, 2016 Bol D'Or: 258e/511 en 21h27' temps réel;
Tiderace K Holland 1976, ex "Winsone Blue";
Tiki BL 418 Holland 1980;
Tilsag (A Vendre en danois!) G 606 Holland 1978;
Todahesa E 1806 Holland 1980, chantier Astrilleros Garriga, Espagne, kevlar-balsa..., 1981 Renammed "Vento";

Togo (VII?) JPN Holland 198? built by Chittagnong Yacht?, 1982 August, Pan Am Clipper Cup Series, Hawaii: ?e/??, Japan team: 5e/11, 1983 Admiral's Cup: ?e/??, Japan team: 15e/15, This boat was not built as a One Tonner;
1983 Solent, Admiral's up, 3rd Inshore Race,
Picture from One Ton Class Facebook could be "Togo VI" Peterson design IOR 33.1' built in 1978 for 1979 Admirald Cup,
Tornado E 1675 Holland 1979, not built as One Tonner: 30.5';
Touch Too K Holland 1977, ex "Charlatan V";
Turkey Shoot KA 1147 Holland 1982;

Uffwego NZ Holland ?;

Vento E 1806 Holland 1980, ex "Todahesa";
Viking II ESP 1367 Holland ?, ex "Aldo", 1996 February, XXIe Interclubs Zona Centre, Barcelona: ?e/11 Groupo Cr, Juan Aranda;

Whirlind K Holland 1977, ex "Imp";
Winsone Blue K Holland 1976, 1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: 10e/43;

Xerife BRA 861 Holland 1983;

Yachtsman II E 1677 Holland 1979, renamed "Mar Menor", not built as One Tonner: 30.5';


Production Boats:

Polaris 37, costruita in Vetroresina. Fiberglas dal cantiere Polaris Yacht  e varata nell'anno 1981 al 1983, Lunghezza: 11.23 Mt., Baglio 3.64 Mt., Pescaggio: 1.95 Mt.
Swan 39, Based on 'IMP'(1977), one of the most succesful IOR racers of its day, available in a racing (12 built) or cruising (21 built) version.

1977 Avril "Neptune Nautisme",

1980 March "The Yacht",

2015 Still for Sale, ... pictures from Internet,