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Comments from Facebook 2021 "If I recall correctly the hull mold for the Heritage One Ton was outside the shop in St Petersburg when someone set it on fire 
 public speculation was it was over money that was owed. Maybe Rod Koch knows more of the story.
Rod Koch "the Heritage One Ton mold burned outside the shop. Ask around, someone may know. My recollection is based from the story in the St Petersburg Times...  from this Boat only 20pcs was built"

4 Heritage 1 Tonner, "Troublemaker", "Revolution", "Miami Blue" & US 12174:
and "Dandelion"


Troublemaker, US ?1881
à jour au: 1983
1977 Plan Charlie Morgan, Heritage 1 Tonner

1977 Transpac: ?e/??

1979 Transpac: ?e/?

1981 Transpac: ?e/?

1983 May "Latitude 38", For Sale

Transpac: ?e/?

Revolution, US 20294
à jour au:
1976 Plan Charlie Morgan, Heritage 1 Tonner #07


From Facebook 2021: "My First REVOLUTION. 1976. Hull 7 Heritage 1 Ton. A Charlie Morgan masterpiece in my mind. Ahead of her time. In Maine they called her “ Grey Ghost “. Early in the morning there she was gliding thru the fleet for. Seasons. A light air flyer. Tender yet controllable with a blooper or double head rig high clued no 2 and short hoist staysail. 8 seasons of winning with her."

??, ? ????
à jour au: 2021
1979 Plan Charlie Morgan, Heritage 1 Tonner

2020 New owner, Ingo Schanze and new name
Miami Blue, GER 654

2021 September, from Facebook "Our Miami Blue, Homebase Flensburg/Germany"

Deutscher Company Cup: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook,

??, US 12174
à jour au:
197? Plan Charlie Morgan, Heritage 1 Tonner

Picture from Internet,