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Bruce FARR


Liste des bateaux:

Atara IRL Farr 1992, ex "Shockwave";

Bravura US 17 Farr 1990;

Carrera RUS 22101 Farr 43 198?, ex "Thunderbird";
Christopher Dragon ? Farr 1985, ex "Snake Oil", not build as Two Tonners;

Dollar Equity KZ 5955 Farr 43' 1985, renamed "Mi Mi", not build as Two Tonners;
Donky VI
JPN Farr 1992, 1992 August, Two Ton Cup, Hawaï: ?e/8, Kenwood Cup, Japan Team: 2e/4, Dhui Doi;
Dynamite KA SA 300 Farr 1976;
Dynamite II KA SA 303 Farr 197?, renamed "Ruthless" ;

Farrawa KA RF 21 Farr 1977 built by Rowan Chick in Western Australia, 1977 26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 17e/137 elapsed time 4d21h31', handicap 0.8246, B.G. Campbell, 1979 Sydney Hobart: 91e/147 elapsed time 4d05h08', handicap 0.8346, B.G. Campbell;
1977 "Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",
1979 "Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",
Fiona KA M16 Farr 1978 by Kiwi Yacht, Florida;

Great News II ? Farr ?, ex "Wings Of Oracle";

Jameson II IRL Farr 1992, ex "Shockwave";

Kaitaro V J 3290 Farr 1990;
Kiwi KZ 6191 Farr 1986 built by Franklin;

Larouge I 11901 Farr 1990;
Librah KZ Farr 1989, August, Admiral's Cup: 2-11-7-12-6-6 = 3e/42, New Zealand Team: 3e/14, rating 34.43', P. Lester;
1989 September "Régate",

Mi Mi J 3135 Farr 43' 1985, ex "Dollar Equity", not build as Two Tonners;
Monique ?? 3325 Farr #067 197?;

Nitro KA B 9 Farr 1977;

Pacesetter KA 5303 Farr 1976, ex "Dynamite";
Patience 5 KA 5303 Farr 1976, ex "Dynamite";

Rimfire KA SM 16 farr 197?;
Ruthless KA 3303 Farr 197?, ex "Dynamite 2";

Scorpion KA 2480 Farr 1978;
Shockwave NZL Farr 1992, renamed "Jameson II";
Snake Oil US 63039 Farr 1985, renamed "Christopher Dragon", not build as Two Tonners;
Switchblade KH 1200 Farr 1985, not build as Two Tonners;

Thunderbird ?? Farr 43 198?, renamed "Carrera";

Uin Na Mara KH 9 Farr #067 197?;

Wild Oats KA 4343 Farr 1983, renamed "Wild Rose", not build as Two Tonners;
Wild Rose KA 4343 Farr 1983, ex "Wild Oats", not build as Two Tonners;
Wings of Oracle K 111 Farr 1991, renamed "Great News II";


Information from Farr Design website:

#055 - 1976 2 Ton

#058 - 1977 2 Ton

#067 - 1977 2 Ton IOR Racing Sloop, By IOR standards, this design was both light displacement and moderate in beam. This produced a boat that was extremely fast reaching and running without any loss in upwind performance. Design 67 was a very successful IOR design before Rule changes lifted the rating some 2 feet.
The original brief called for a competitive IOR boat with a comfortable cruising interior. Deck layout was to be both useful for cruising and effective for racing. The rig was 3/4 with twin spreaders and runners and featured side stays and spreaders swept slightly aft to preserve the rig in the event of running backstays being released accidentally.
"Monique", built to Design No. 67 won the overall points score at the 1978 Pan Am Clipper Cup, and is still being campaigned with success in her home port of San Francisco, CA. Several boats have been built to this design in Australia and Hong Kong.
LOA: 12.88 m/42'3", DWL: 9.88 m/32'5", Beam: 4.12 m/13'6", Draft: 2.10 m/6'11", Displ: 5,594 Kg/12,334 Lbs, Ballast: 2,400 Kg/5,291 Lbs

#073 - 1978 2 Ton

#151 - 1985 43' IOR Racer "Drake's Prayer" & "Snake Oil", (not as Two Tonners), This design was conceived in the wake of Farr's very successful One Tonners which dominated the 1984 Southern Cross Cup in Australia, the 1984 Pan Am Clipper Cup and European contests throughout the year.

#227 - 1991 2 Ton - IOR 44, Farr Yacht Design received commissions for the design of Two Ton yachts following the Offshore Racing Council's (ORC) reintroduction of this level rating class at their November 1989 meeting. Mr. Yuji Sawano and Mr. Ikuo Chiba, both of Japan, desired Two Ton yachts for the 1990 Kenwood Cup, and Mr. Giuseppe DeGennaro of Italy and Mr. Irving Loube of the United States sought to enter the 1991 Admiral's Cup with Two Tonners... LOA: 13.41 m/44.00 ft DWL: 10.61 m/34.80 ft Beam: 4.22 m/13.85 ft Draft: 2.57 m/8.43 ft Displ: 8,534 Kg/18,818 Lbs I: 15.90 m/52.17 ft J: 4.67 m/15.32 ft P: 17.53 m/57.52 ft E: 6.35 m/20.83 ft
#242 - 1990 2 Ton - IOR 44 "La Rouge" & "Bravura"

#242M - 1990 2 Ton - IOR 44 "Wings Of Oracle", a 1990 development of Design 242, indicated gains in all round performance.

#268 - 1991 2 Ton "Donky 6" & "Atara", Two yachts to this design have been built. "Donky 6" for Dr. Shuji Doi of Japan, and the second, "Shockwave", making her racing debut under the ownership of Neville Crichton, a New Zealander living in Australia. Doi prepared "Donky 6" for Japan Cup competition where the yacht finished a creditable second in her class. The yacht now moves on to the Two Ton and Kenwood Cup events in Hawaii this August. "Shockwave's first racing event will be the Two Ton and Kenwood Cups, to be followed by competition at the 1993 Admiral's Cup. "Donky 6" and "Shockwave" are a logical development from the successful 1990 Design 242 seen on the water as "La Rouge".