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Elixir, S 9049
Last update: 2024
1988 Plan Södergren, built in Stockholm


This boat was not built as a One Tonner


1988 Launched
Gotland Runt, ??? NM: 3e/45 DH A1 Class, Rune LYSEN
Summer, picture and commet from Facebook 2024,

1989 Gotland Runt, ??? NM: 2e/19 DH AA Class, Rune LYSEN

1991 Gotland Runt, ??? NM: 1st/45 DH Class, Rune LYSEN

1992 Gotland Runt, ??? NM: 13e/27 DH AA Class, Björn ÖSTERBLOM

1993 New owner

1994 3 July, Gotland Runt, 425 NM: 14e/22 IMS 2, corrected time 54h53'
40-fot Cup, Sweden: ?e/??

Picture & comment from Facebook 2024, "We did race against Elixir during the 40-fot Cup in Sweden of 1994. We where mostly 1-tonners (Antheor/CGI, Joint Venture, Fast Foot Sally, Full Pelt, 4K, Indulgence-85, Wasa/Count Duckula), Farr 40 (Spendrups, Farlig & Gråben all IMS boats) and boats like X-119. As Elixir was slightly smaller it didn't have the speed to compete with the bigger boats on the small circuits. And as a smaller and slower boat it was sometimes dangerous to start close to her.."

1995 2 July, Gotland Runt, 421 NM: 10e/30 IMS 1, corrected time 39h41'

1996 24 August, SYKs 2-dagars Regatta,48 NM: 1er/19 IMS 1-3

1997 1 July, Gotland Runt, 407 NM: 16e/17 IMS 1, corrected time 42h05'

1998 28 June, Gotland Runt, 407 NM: DNF/17 IMS 1

2001 16 June, Sandhamn Open, 87 NM: 8e/22 LYS SO

2008 23 August, Kräfköret, 18 NM: DNF/18 LYS 1

2016 Liros Stockholm SRS Cup: 85e/557, Olle LINDSTROM

From Södergren website 2018,

2020 January, new owner

2021 3 July, Gotland Runt, 350 NM: 75e/91, elapsed time 64h43', Markus ÅBERG

2022 March, Comments from Facebook

Gotland Runt: DNF, (hitting a reef outside Gotland), Markus ÅBERG

2023 Gotland Runt: DNF, (due to harsh weather conditions), Markus ÅBERG

2024 February, Comments from Facebook

Februay, for Sale,
May, received from Markus, some details and "She is currently for sale, so I hope the new owners will keep adding to the history.", More pictures on the instagram page: