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2 Everitt One Tonnner designs, "Strawberry Fields" and "Elbereth 3":


Strawberry Fields, K ???
à jour au: 1969
1969 Plan Julian Everitt, design #0007


Picture from J Everitt Facebook 2019, "Second guessing what would work best in the upcoming new IOR. Drawn in 1969"

??, K 4366
à jour au: 2019
1989 Plan Julian Everitt, Wavetrain 36


Elbereth 3, K 4366,

2017 Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2017,

Est-ce le même bateau - Same boat??

2019 July, From Everitt Facebook Page, "A nice surprise to receive this picture, taken by John Grover in Portsmouth Harbour at the weekend, of a 38ft One Tonner design of ours from 1977. I last sailed on her in 1982"

Queen's Cup: 1er/??
Viscount Marchwood Cup: 1er/??