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à jour au: 2022
1976 Plan Peterson, Design # ??, cold molded hull


Distant Drummer, ? ????

2022 November, from Facebook "Distant Drummer, 1976 Peterson 27.5 rater, has been salvaged off the rocks and is headed for the landfill. Definitely easier to send it to the dump before it sinks. The happy guy is the salvage diver."

"Distant Drummer went on the breakwater during the first blow of the winter season 2 weeks ago. She broke loose from a coast guard mooring buoy off the Patricia bay B.C. station. The buoy was marked as a holding area for boats to be destroyed."
"I believe her deck was rotten in many areas. The stem head fitting had pulled off the bow leaving the rig without a forestay. Pitching at the mooring was causing the mast to whip mightily. I am waiting for daytime low tides to have a look."
"My Dad built Distant Drummer in 1976. It was our first cold molded hull. I live next door to the Coast guard station and have been too close to this whole thing".

Could be "Distant Drummer", picture from Facebook 2022,