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Contessa 38, plan Sparkman & Stephens, Builder:  Jeremy Rodgers, from 1973 to 1974, between 5 and 8 builts, (could be 6!)

Principal Dimensions: LOA 38'-6", LWL 28'-9", beam 11'-6", Draft 6'-3", Displacement 15,500 lbs, Ballast 8,000 lbs, Sail Area 622 sq ft

Design 2155 is very similar to the Nautor Swan 38. Production has been discontinued due to concerns raised to S&S by Nautor Swan.

From Facebook 2019, comment on "Flycatcher" picture, "Contessa 38, picture by John Green. Sparkman & Stephens designed production One Tonner developed from the S&S one off Lightnin’ Design. Only a handful of these graceful Contessa’s were built before Rogers were ordered to cease production by Nautor who insisted that the design impinged on their, so called exclusivity deal with S&S for a European built production one Tonner. Nautor had the Swan 38 which n all respects was no match for the Contessa, but the might of Nautor prevailed. Before the shutdown Jeremy Rogers himself campaigned the first boat out of the moulds, Thunder, in the 1973 One Ton Cup. David May had another of the class called Winsome V which he also raced in the 73 series in Sardinia. The boat pictured is Flycatcher, number 3 or 4 out of the moulds. The absurdity of the Nautor/Swan position was brought into even greater focus as production S&S designed One Tonners were being built, at that time, all over the world. Indeed, almost identical sisterships to the Contessa were in full production in California and raced in the West Coast selection trials sailed by non other than Ted Turner against Doug Peterson’s first design Ganbare."

Liste des bateaux:

African Queen NED 1974, ex "Assassin", Dutch owner, then renammed "Swarte Swaen";
Assassin K 3647 1974, she was the last of the series build in 1974 according to Mrs. Fiona Rogers of the J.C. Rogers yard. She was build for close friends of the Rogers family, renamed "African Queen";

Flycatcher K 360 Contessa 38 197?;

Knockout SWE S&S Contessa 38 1973, ex "Victoria", renammed "Mantra";

Mantra SWE S&S Contessa 38 1973, ex "Knockout";

New Moon K 3801 Contessa 38 197?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;

Pantoffel NED Contessa 38 197?, 2007 Pictures from ContessazeilersBenelux website;

Quala K 1326 Contessa 38 197?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;

Swarte Swaen NED 1974, ex "Assassin";

Thunder UK Sparkman & Stephens Contessa 38 1973;

Victoria ORS 202 S&S Contessa 38 1973, ex "Winsome V";

Windsome V K 775 Sparkman & Stephens, Contessa 38 de série, mais vide 1973, renamed "Victoria";


Adv. without date, From Facebook 2021,