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Blazer Of Paget, KB 5
à jour au: 2013
1985 Plan Frers,

One Ton Cup, Poole: 29e/38, Deforest 'Shorty' Trimingham

Picture from Facebook 2021,

1987 For Sale "Seahorse":

Blitz, K 8242

1990 October "Seahorse" for sale:

Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook 2014,

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2015:

1992 New owner, "Pitiusos", and then based in Ibiza

Raced in Ibiza

1999 New owner, Guy ?, and new name
Jalini, BEL

2000 Modified for single handed sailing.

"Sailed several years on the Atlantic uptill Argentina"

2010 Started a long voyage: Belgium, UK, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Azores, Portugal, Canaries, Madeira, Cape Verdian Islands, Brazil, Uruguay, Brazil, ascension Island, and....
 Pictures from owner via Facebook 2020,

2013 June, "She sunk in the middle of the Atlantic due to a bad repair in Uruguay. The keel joint to the hull was leaking."

Sank - Coulé

2020 From Facebook, Guy, the owner, "I bought Blitz in Ibiza in 1999 and modified her for single handed sailing. Returning to the North the keel was badly leaking and getting loose from the hull. I had to abandon her near the Equator mid Atlantic in June 2013. Got rescued by a freighter. A very good design but Holby Marine did use poor craftmanship to build her. A lot of basic problems in the hull. It took me a long time to maker her sound. The keel attachment has always been a problem and I'm convinced the previous owner was aware of these problems. She was lovely to sail, the max speed I ever had was during a 3 days storm offshore of South Brazil, 23 kn on GPS. I got rescued by a cargo not far from the equator. Leaving Jalini (blitz) slowly sinking."