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Black Top, K ????
à jour au: 2020
1983 Plan Jones, Oyster 43


Not built as One Tonner


1983 Juin "Course au Large",

Aout "Course au Large",

Black Topic, K ????
Aout, Admiral's Cup: ?e/45, British Team: 8e/15, IOR: 30.4',
including Fastnet Race: ?e/?? Classe II
Sold to US, and new name:

Arete, US 5050
SORC: ?e/?? Classe E

1985 One Ton Cup, Poole: 34e/38
August, Cowes Week: ?e/??
Photos Le Cossec, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Arete, US ????

2008 From a Forum, 3 comments: "Bloody hell I sailed on that . It was called Black Top which was banned by RORC re named Black Topic .The owner was Dickson Akinson. He use to tarmac all the motorways in the UK hence Black Top. You can see her in all her glory on the wall in the Island sailing club.",
"It was in the days when they wouldnt let you advertise. The boat then was black. Dickson was the owner, the Oyster mob jumped on it and sailed in the Admirals Cup. The build was kevlar with a taller rig than the standard boat.",
""Blacktop" means tarmac which was what he produced. He changed the name to "Black Topic" to continue racing. I sold her to the States with Fang, to a guy called Charlie ....., (name will come to me). Stormbird was the best known 43!"

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