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Beyond Thunderdome, KA 5500
à jour au: 2023
1987 Plan Davidson, built by

Plus d'informations et photos sur "RB Sailing blog"

1987 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Southern Cross Cup: 6e/??, IOR: 30.71', Nouvelle Galles du Sud Team: 3e/?, W. JOHNS
Including 26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 12e/146 IOR, corrected time: 3d04h14' handicap: 07999

1988 Sydney-Mooloolaba Race: 1er/??
Winter 88 "Offshore",


The Esanda Way, KA 5500
Kenwood Cup: 8e/43, Australia Team: 1er/?
4 September, One Ton Cup, St Francisco: 9e/24
September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: 4 - 7 - 7 - 8 - 8 = 7e/11 OT, IOR 30.54', Warren JOHNS
Beyond Thunderdome, KA 5500
27 December, 8th Pittwater to Coff Harbour Race, 280 NM:

February 89 "Offshore",

1989 February "Offshore",

Mid February, Sydney Newscastle Race: 2e/? IOR
Sydney Mooloolaba race: 1er/?? IOR Div 2, Warren JOHNS

April "Offshore"

July "??" For Sale,

"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Canon Express, KA 5500
Southern Cross Cup: 14-7-10-8-10 = ?e/??, Rating: 30.21', UK Team: 1er/??, Eddie OWEN
Including 26 December,
Sydney-Hobart: 4e/92 IOR, corrected time: 3d02h40' handicap: 0.7979

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook, 2016:

1990 XXXX Hamilton Island Race Week: 2 - 2 - 2 - ? - ... = ?e/??
Brisbane Gladstone race, 308 NM: ?e/??
June "Offshore",

Back to the previous name:
Beyond Thunderdome, KA 5500
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 7e/49 IOR, corrected time: 2d23h53' handicap: 07983
, W. JOHNS (or P. Wheeler UK)
Hobart, Picture from Facebook 2021,

1991 Renamed:
The Esanda Way, KA 5500

Noakes Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race: ?e/59
Beyond Thunderdome, KA 5500
Southern Cross Cup
: ?e/99, Irish Team (1er), Lou ABRAHAM, including...
26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 5e/36 IOR, corrected time: 2d21h16' handicap: 07965, J.L & P.E.Parker
Picture from IOR, RORC & CCA Ocean Racing Classes Facebook 2020, "with Gordon Maguire at the helm Southern Cross"

1992 Chartered by Adrienne Cahalan and new name,
Ella Bache, KA 5500
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 30e/33 IOR, elapsed time 4d08h08', handicap 0.7947, Adrienne CAHALAN

1993 Chartered by the Kiwis and new name,
Swuzzlebubble VII, KA 5500

"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney Hobart: DNF/22 IOR, Ian GIBBS

1994 Comments from Sailing Anarchy Forum 2006: "Thunderdome was very badly damaged after the 93 Hobart but was purchased as a "write off" by a couple of boatbuilders working at Pacesetter (Bilpin) at that time. Rebuilt she did very well and was owned for some time by a prominant South Australian Farr 40 OD sailor. Yep.The lead went through the roof in a 'Turtle'."

2006 September, comments from Sailing Anarchy Forum: "I know thunderdome was pretty badly damaged during the 1993 (?) hobart race did she ever get repaired or was she scrapped?", and
"Ok- just saw Beyond Thunderdome registered as a current Australian Ship with a home port of Sydney for the purposes of AMSA, so she was repaired and this isn't her"
and "Thunderdome is very much alive & well. She is in Brisbane and sails at every opportunity. She still looks good for her age, there is something about the old IOR boats that we can't replicate today."

From One Ton Class Facebook 2015:

2016 From One Ton Class Facebook :

For sale, Year: 1988 Length: 40' Located In: Gladstone, stateprovince.QLD, Australia Hull Material: Composite Current Price: A$  55,000 (US$ 41,476); Beyond Thunderdome was originally designed by Laurie Davidson of New Zealand under the IOR yacht racing rule. She was professionally built by McConachy Yachts (of Mona Vale in Sydney) and converted in early 1990s to an IMS. racing class yacht with a new keel, rudder, toilet and stove fitted under the supervision of naval architect David Lyons. She is built from Carbon and Kevlar composite and has an inline three spreader aluminium fractional racing sloop rig.

Picture from Facebook 2024, "It’s not the first time its looked a bit second hand. There was a time when the internal ballast punched a few holes in the coachroof and deck…"

2023 November, from Facebook "Now sitting on a trailer, on a farm just outside of Gladstone"