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Assassin, K 3647
à jour au: 2015
1974 Plan Sparkman & Stephens, Contessa 38

She was the last of the series build in 1974 according to Mrs. Fiona Rogers of the J.C. Rogers yard. She was build for close friends of the Rogers family.


1976 Falmouth Cork Race: 5e/8 A1,

Assassin, K 64
June "Bateaux",

6 June, Twostar Europe 1: 46e/103ttc elapsed time 25d08h27', éq: Barry SANDERS, Birian WELLS

1997 Racing in Falmouth

???? New owner, Dutch new flag and new name
African Queen, NED 64

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2017,

???? New owner (3rd), and new name
Swarte Swaen, NED ??

2004-2007 Restored

2009 Jukly-August, sailing trip to Norway

2013 For sale in Northern Europe

2015 Picture from ContessazeilersBenelux website,

9 November, picture from ContessazeilersBenelux website,