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Akarana, KA 1104
à jour au: 2019
1977 Plan Farr, Farr 1104


1976 Hull trucked from Compass Yacht Sydney to Townsville to be fitted

1977 Launching
Easter Ocean Race Tville Dunk Island: 1er/??, Ian HAMILTON

1979 Mooloolaba SCOR Series: 1er/??, Ian HAMILTON

Inaugural Gladstone to Cairns Race: 1er/??
Cairns to Moresby: 1er/??

1981 Moresby Race: DNF, lost of rudder

1984 Hamilton Island Race Week: ?e/??

1986 Hamilton Island race Week: 10e/??

198? Moresby Race: ?e/??

198? Moresby Race: ?e/??

199? Moresby Race: ?e/??

199? Moresby Race: ?e/??

2007 Inaugural MIRW: 1er/?? PHS

2013 New skipper, Ian's daughter, Vicky Hamilton

2015 Magnetic Island Race Week: 16e/19 Div 3

2016 June, Australian Womens Keelboat Regatta, Melbourne: ?e/??, Vicky HAMILTON

2017 Magnetic Island Race Week: 6e/14 Div 3, Vicky HAMILTON

2018 Port Douglas Race Week: ?e/??
Magnetic Island Race Week: 10e/16 Div 3

2019 30 aout, Magnetic Island Race Week: 5e/16 Div 4, Vicky HAMILTON
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