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Longobarda, I 11611
last update: 2021
1989 Plan Farr, built by SAI Ambrosini, Length 24.32m.


1989 17 July, launched
August, Maxi Yachts World Championship, Palma, Majorca: 1st/??, Gianni VARASI
Nioulargue, Saint Tropez: ?e/??
"Mer & Bateaux" July 1990

ICAYA Maxi World Championship: 1er/12

Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers", full aricle below

1990 Janvier "Régate",

Janvier "Yacht Club",

Copa Del Rey, Palma: 1er/? Maxis, John BERTRAND
September, Maxi Yachts World Championship, Newport: 3e/6, Gianni VARASI

1991 February "Mer & Bateaux",

Copa Del Rey: 1er/??
Maxi Yachts World Championship: ?e/??, Gianni VARASI

1993 Nioulargue, Saint Tropez: ?e/??
From RB Sailing blog, "Longobarda was sailed to Southampton where extensive modifications were carried out over that winter, in preparation for a year of international sailing. These modifications included strengthening of the hull structure to take the rigours of offshore racing and ocean crossings, fitting of watertight collision bulkheads for'ard, provision of a quality 'racing' interior, strengthening of both rigs for offshore and delivery, and the fitting of a hydraulic winch pack"
November "Yachting World"

1994 Spring, Re-launched
Longobarda was sailed to Newport, Rhode Island
Bermuda Race: ?e/??
Onion Patch Trophy: ?e/??
New York Yacht Club's 150th Anniversary Regatta: ?e/??, dismasted
Transported across the US
Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/??
October "Yachting World",

November "Yachting World",

New owner,
Longobarda, K 1611R
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney Hobart Race: 59e/236 IMS, corrected time 2d21h30', D. STEPHENSON

1995 June "Yachting World",

June, Round The Island: DNF
August "Yachting World",

August "Seahorse",

7 September, Maxi Yachts World Championship: ?e/??

winter of 1995/96 From RB Sailing blog, "Further modifications were carried out to enhance her performance and rating under IMS. These included the addition of a new bow, with a more upright profile, modifying the rocker and filling in the bustle under the stern. The internal ballast was also removed, significantly lightening her. Later modifications included the addition of a bulbed IMS-type keel and further reduction in displacement. As a result of these changes, Longobarda grew in length by over 3 feet at the waterline, and reduced displacement by nine tons for the same righting moment."

1996 June, Round The Island: ?e/??? CHS, new record 5h12', Mike SLADE
"Cowes Week Program",

August, Cowes Week: ?e/?? Maxis
September "Yachting World",

1997 June, Round The Island: 281e/??? CHS, Mike SLADE
June "Yachts & Yachting",

December "Seahorse",

1999 October "Seahorse",

2000 July "Yachting World",

???? New norwegian owner, and new flag,
Longobarda, NOR 101

2001 8 June, Faerden, Norway, 122NM: DNF/8 Grand Prix

???? New owner, and new flag

After 2000 Became available for charter in the Caribbean and beyond, providing an opportunity for guests to enjoy sailing in a Maxi-class yacht, combined with luxury cruising.

2007 Refit commissioned by Mike Slade (SuperMaxi Leopard 3) at Pendenis Shipyard with conversion to a successful racer/cruiser

2008 January Barbados Round the Island Race, 1st on line honnor 5h29', new record: ?e/??

2009 February "Seahorse",

2014 From RB Sailing blog, "Longobarda has recently returned to Europe and is now understood to be located in Portiamo, Portugal".

2017 Recent refit and relaunch

2020 For Sale Maxi Farr Maxi Racer - Longobarda, Voilier de croisière/régate de l'année 1989 de 24,2m de longueur à Faro (Portugal) - Maxi Farr - Longobarda. Carbon Composite - Renewed 2018 Engine: Volvo TAM D 41 Turbo, 180 HP - 2002 Folding propeller blade, Diesel: 500 lts Water 1,000 lts, water maker, engine bowthurster. Exterior: Updated deck plan for sailing with few crew. Hydraulic winches "coffee grinder", electric winches, Bimini, updated sail plan that allows navigation at short distance or regatta. Furling genoa, Park Avenue. Main sail and self tacking 'Quantum Sails' and Code zero with Facnor furling. Hydraulic garage door. bimini and cockpit seating for 12 people. Painted hull 'AWLgrip' dark gray. Interior: New interior in white / gray / black carbon. Air conditioning. 10 berths, 3 bathrooms, lounge for 12 people, kitchen with microwave, Long.: 24.2 m Largeur: 6,53 m Tirant d'eau: 4,2 m,

2021 For Sale Maxi Farr Maxi Racer - Longobarda,



1989 Novembre "Voiles et Voiliers",