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72 CLIPS D13 Lombard 1
à jour au: 2020
1989 plan Lombard

1989 TRANSAT 6.50: 26 - 8 = 11e/53 en 31j02h31' à 2j19h, Lionnel LEMONCHOIS

Transformations: mat de 11,80m plus léger (de 70 à 35kg), couple de redressement x 2 par new keel.

1991 Photo B. Stichelbaut, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

: 5 à 18h 23 - 11 = 6e/68 at more than 7,5 days. Lionnel LEMONCHOIS

?? A Vendre "Clips" équipement complet, s adresser à L.L.

mobile keel.
1995 TRANSAT 6.50: 3 à 9h 11 - 9 dismated = 4e/39. Lionnel LEMONCHOIS
Janvier "Voiles et Voiliers"

1999 Juin "Voiles et Voiliers",


Maimiti, US 72
2004 Navigue à San Francisco, Californie. J. Yves LENDORMY

2010 26 Janvier, reçeived mail from Adrian Blunt, North American Mini Fleet: Jean-Yves Lendormy, San Francisco, CA

2019 Picture from North America Mini Class Facebook page,

New owner, Rogue Rigging (?), full refit and new name,
Rogue, US 72

2020 7 March, Comment and Pictures from North America Mini Class Facebook page, "Back in action on San Francisco Bay" and "I first saw this boat while I was racing at my first college regatta 20 years ago. The boat sat there neglected that entire time. Over the years I stopped by the yard to stare at it and dream of fixing it up a sailing it. The stars aligned 9 months ago and my friend Luther and I were able to buy and start its new life. It has taken a lot of hours of hard work and a bunch of help from the Team at The Berkeley Marine Center to get it back on the water.", based in Berkeley Marina