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401 VAGABOND 3 R104S
blanc. à jour au: septembre 2015
2002 Pogo numéro 122

Niclas Domack achéte le bateau au Portugal.

2009 Bohus Race (doublehanded race, 170 miles, on the west coast of Sweden): 40e/???

April, info de "coletes497": "This boat was in Lisbon (Portugal), and now is in Norway I think".
22 september
, mail from Niclas Domack: "I bought the boat in autumn 2007 from its first owner in Lisbon, Portugal and had it shipped to Sweden. The boat is now being used for cruising and shorthanded racing."

Vagabundo, SWE 401
2015 Seen in Swedish list, owner: Lars Sörqvist