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FRA 1024, Tars, Wv7
à jour au: octobre 2021
2020 Plan D'Ulbado, Wevo 6.50, Cima Boats, Italie


2021 January, pictures from Facebook,

21 septembre site Class Mini, new WEVO 6.5 starting from 44.000euro or.. ready to race at 74.000euro. The leasing can be for a complete boat or a kit base, for example,: Wevo ready to race 74.000euro: advanced payment: 22.300, montly payment for 10years: 55000euro,
or for the BASE KIT WEVO 44.000euro: advanced payment: 13.200 montly payment for 10years: 290euro

8 octobre, Spi Ouest France, La Trinité: 10 - 5 - 1 - 6 = 4e/15 Minis, Willy MULLER