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Steinlager 2, KZ 2
à jour au: 2023
1988 Plan Farr #190, construit en kevlar par le chantier Gurr

1989 Février "Course au Large",

February "Boat International",

Fastnet Race: ?e/??
Un Sprint Autour du Monde", G Martin-Raget (1990),

2 septembre,
WHITBREAD Race: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 = 1er/23, elapsed time 128d09h, rating IOR: 70',
1e étape, Solent-Punta Del Este: 1er/23 elapsed time 25d20h46'
Novembre "Mer & Bateaux",

28 octobre, 2e étape, Punta Del Este-Freemantle: 1er/23 en ?' réel
Photos ??, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

23 décembre, 3e étape, Freemantle-Auckland: 1er/23 en ?' réel

1990 Janvier "Régate",

4 février, 4e étape, Auckland-Punta Del Este: 1er/23 en 22j20h41' réel
Mars "Bateaux",

17 mars, 5e étape, Punta Del Este-Fort Lauderdale: 1er/22 en 22j16h41' réel
5 mai, 6e étape, Fort Lauderdale-Southampton: 1er/22 en 17j00h23' réel
Photos ??, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

"Bateaux" février 1991,

Aout "Voiles et Voiliers",

New owner, Giorgio Falck and new name,
Safilo, I 12222
Porto Cervo: ?e/5 Maxis
"Neptune Yachting" novembre,

26 septembre, Rothmans Cup (Circuit OMYA), Saint Tropez: 2e/5 Maxis
"Bateaux" novembre,

Picture from Facebook 2022,

1er octobre,
Nioulargue: ?e/? Maxis
Biotonus Maxi Cup, Monaco: Cancelled
Tag-Heuer World Cup, (Circuit OMYA): ?e/??

From Facebook 2020 "UBS Switzerland, Steinlager, Merit and Fisher and Paykel"

1991 Janvier "Yacht Club",

3 février,
Transat des Alizés, Puerto Sherry-Pointe à Pitre: 1er/4 OMYA
en 17j14h50', Alain GABBAY
9 juin, Tour de l'Europe, Lorient-Dublin-Lisbonne-Barcelone-Gênes: 1er/5 Monocoques
Juillet "Régate",

Aout "Bateaux",

"L'année de la Voile 1991" Thierry Rannou,

October "Yacht Capital",

1er octobre, Nioulargue: ?e/? Maxis
Biotonus Maxi Cup, Monaco: ?e/5 OMYA

Tag-Heuer World Cup, (Circuit OMYA): 2e/
Décembre "Voiles et Voiliers", envisage de participer à la Whitbread 1993-94,

Photo non datée ??, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

1992 19 avril, Gran Regata Colon, Génes-Cadix-Porto Rico-New-York-Boston : 2e/10 OMYA
Picture from Tall Ship Colombus 92 website,

Picture from Internet 2020,

29 septembre "Course Au Large" hebdo, est nommé dans les bateaux prévus de faire la Whitbread 1993
1er octobre, Maxi Series, Saint Tropez: 1er/7 OMYA

Décembre "Régate",

Tag-Heuer World Cup, (Circuit OMYA):

1993 20 June, Spendrip's Big Boat Cup: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2020,

1994 April "Yachting World", for sale,

October "Yachting World",

1995 Fébruary "Yachting World", for sale,

Steinlager 2,

2005 October, Middle Sea Race: ??e/??
25 October, "L'Année Course Au Large",

"Seahorse" January 2006,

2006 September, Maxi Rolex Cup, Porto Cervo: DNC/9 Racing, Big Red Challenger Ltd
22 octobre, Middle Sea Race: ??e/??

2007 August, Palermo-Monte-Carlo: 1er/??

2008 18 August, Palermo-Monte-Carlo: ?e/16 IRC
18 October, Middle Sea Race: ?e/??, Peter OLSSON
December "Seahorse",

2009 February "Seahorse",

23 February, Caribbean 600: DNS, Big Red Challenge
November "Seahorse",

2010 23 octobre, Rolex Middle Sea Race: 55e/73 IRC en 5d06h21' (temps reel 3d16h14') Coeff IRC: 1.432, Attilio MICCICHE
ARC Transat Race: ?e/??

2011 Novembre "Bateaux",

3 novembre, Legends Regatta, Alicante: 13e/16

2012 5 May, returned home to Auckland
18 july, For Sale 2012 WHITBREAD MAXI-KETCH STEINLAGER II - €300,000 EUR, 1989 - Peice Reduction, Steinlager 2 – The Sailing Legend The Legendary Maxi-Ketch of Sir Peter Blake
Winner of the Whitbread Round the World 89/90

2014 DailySail, Steinlager 2 - Peter Blake's Farr maxi ketch (winner) 84ft Sold to Giorgio Falck and renamed Safilo. Was owned by the Blue Water Academy. But wait, photographer Juerg Kaufmann writes: "Steinlager II is owned by a good friend. He is planning to bring her back to New Zealand. His name is Stefan Detjen living in Lugano. He is very supportive for almost any kind of activities with the boat. There is an important point to consider: the boat is back in his original shape all back to original. After he took here over by the Italians. Stefan Detjen of Big Red Challenge writes: "All correct with Jürg’s information. Blue Water don’t owe any of the boats listed (Steinlager, Amer Sport One). Steinlager 2 will do ARC 2010 and then heading to NZL. We just made a 3000 mile delivery in three weeks from Baltic Sea to Med (Trapani, Sicily) without problems or any damage. From August 1 –10 Steinlager will do a charter from Tunis to Istanbul (5 countries in 10 days). Still sailing strong..." 30/8/11 From Guy Mayger: Saw her in Napoli last week whilst we were on a cruise ship holiday tour of the Med (don't ask!)...seeing Big Red and being cheeky enough to ask whether we could take a look onboard. Delivery crew were very welcoming and my two sons thought it was great. From Mariano Capdevila (6/9/11): ...at this moment is taking part… and leading the Columbus Regatta, from Palos (Huelva) in the south of Spain to La Gomera Island (Canary Islands).  The boat entries with the sponsor’s name: TOYOTA NIPONUBA. From Bruno Cardile (9/1/14) Steinlager 2 returned home to Auckland on 5 May 2012, where she has been bequeathed to the Peter Blake Foundation which has carried out a refit of the boat. 

2014 Coastal Classic, NZ: ?e/??
Picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum 2015,

2015 Auckland, Picture from Sailing Anarchy Forum,

2022 18 May, Auckland, pictures from Facebook,


More Pictures,

Picture R. Tomlinson from Facebook 2020,

2002 January "Seahorse",

2023 End of February, picture and comment from Facebook, "I was in Auckland last week and saw these guys out on the harbour, Steinlager and Lion New Zealand",