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New Zealand, KZ 4400
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1980 Plan Farr #090, construit en aluminium au chantier Mc Mullen & Wing in NZ, LOA: 68ft
LOA: 20.9 m/68'6" DWL: 16.8 m/55'4" Beam: 5.2 m/17'1" Draft: 3.245 m/10'8" Displ: 19,320 Kg/42,593 Lbs Ballast: 7,847 Kg/17,299 Lbs

From Farr Design website: "Apart from the obvious requirements of strength, stability and safety, the basic performance design brief for CERAMCO NEW ZEALAND was to produce a yacht within a reasonable budget that could take line honors in the Southern Ocean legs of the 1981-82 Whitbread Round the World Race. It also had to have a chance on handicap in those legs and in the race overall.
In the case of CERAMCO NEW ZEALAND we opted for a boat designed primarily for speed, but with removal of any obvious rating penalty features where the effect on performance would be virtually unmeasurable but the effect on rating considerable.
Theoretically, the longer a yacht is the faster it is. This would normally be true in Round the Buoys or short ocean races where nearly unlimited crew power is available. But in a race such as the Whitbread, where boats are racing for as long as 40 days in one stretch, both the skipper, Peter Blake, and ourselves felt there were limitations to this relationship of speed and length. We finally felt 68 feet was the optimum length to satisfy the design requirements.
CERAMCO's performance in the 6 month, 27,000 mile 1981-82 Whitbread Round the World Race was outstanding. A full account of CERAMCO and her crew during this epic race has been written by skipper Peter Blake in his book "Blake's Odyssey."

Picture from RB Sailing website,

1980 October, launched
"Offshore Sydney Hobart Race Program",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: 1er/102 elapsed time 2d18h45', TCF 1.0369,
Pictures from "1981 Sydney Hobart Official Program",

Ceramco New Zealand, KZ 4400
February "Offshore",

May "??" magazine,

Aout "Neptune Nautisme",

21 July, Seahorse Maxi series, English Channel: ?e/11
Picture from Facebook 2021

28 aout, Whitbread Round-The-Race: 26 - 1 - 6 - 1 = 11e/29 en 3065h42', Rating: 62.9', Peter BLAKE
1e étape, Portsmouth-Cap Town, 18e en temps réel de 1135h28': 26e/29
Décembre "Neptune Nautisme",

"The Whitbread Round The Wolrd Race 1981-2" magazine,

Picture from RB Sailing website,

31 octobre, 2e étape, Cap Town-Auckland, 2e en temps réel en 732h51': 1er/25
"The Whitbread Round The Wolrd Race 1981-2" magazine,

26 décembre, 3e étape, Auckland-Mar Del Plata, 2e en temps réel de 584h39': 6e/22

1982 27 février, 4e étape, Mar Del Plata-Portsmouth, 2e en temps réel en 726h56': 1er/24
"The Whitbread Round The Wolrd Race 1981-2
" magazine,

Photo extraite du livre "En Course" de Thierry Rannou,

The Whitbread Round The Wolrd Race 1981-2 magazine,

Picture from Farr design website,

April "Latitude 38",

New owner, homeport Newport Beach CA, new name:
Winterhawk, US ?

1983 January "Yachting",

1984 Pan Am Clipper Cup, Hawaï: 7e/7 Class A,

"She was sold after the Whitebread to a California Surgeon who renamed her "Winterhawk" and campaigned her in a regattas over ten years in California"

Picture from RB Sailing website,

1987 26 February, SORC, Florida: ?e/50 IOR

1988 Février "Course au Large",

Kenwood Cup, Hawaï: 3e/?? Class A

1994 August "Yachting World",

2005 New owner, Dianne Masters

Ceramco, US 87204

2006 16 June, Newport Bermuda Race: 14e/16 Class 8, rating 1.262, Robert W. RUSSELL

2013 22 March, 40th International Rolex Regatta at St. Thomas: ?e/??, Dianne MASTERS
Pictures from race's website,

2 June, From At Sea website, "Sir Peter Blake’s CERAMCO – A Legend Sails Home: When she purchased the boat, she was unaware of the yacht’s famous history. But after reading the book Blake’s Odyssey, she decided not to do the complete refit she had in mind. Below deck has been modified but everything topside is faithful to the original design. On learning she owned a special piece of New Zealand’s yachting history, Masters spearheaded a project to raise money to sail back to Auckland this year and donate CERAMCO to the NZ Maritime Museum. When asked why, she answered, “I just think it’s the right thing to do.” To accomplish this feat, Masters has launched a creative fundraiser by producing a giant photograph of CERAMCO, cutting it into 10,000 pieces and selling each piece for $10 a square. To participate, purchase one or more ‘pieces of history’ and follow her progress from the Caribbean to New Zealand. On arrival in Auckland, Masters plans to attend the special ‘Mast Falling Down’ party on September 17th, an annual tribute to Sir Peter Blake, CERAMCO and crew. CERAMCO plans to leave St. Thomas around May 15th, cruise to the Galapagos Islands and then sail the longest downwind run in the world, to New Zealand. There, the boat will pick up a Kiwi crew and compete in the Rolex Sydney Hobart race in December. “In light winds, we don’t have a chance of winning, even with the red socks,” says Masters, “but give us at least 25 knots and we are untouchable”.

2014 From Daily Sail website, Ceramco New Zealand 68ft Farr design From 'Longy' (13/7/10) sold to Newport Bch, CA, became Winterhawk. Was homeported there for 10-12 yrs then sold to Gulf of Mexico area? From Matt Jess: Now owned by Dianne Masters. 11/8/14: In Trinidad, at Peakes

2015 CERAMCO for Sale, CERAMCO has just hit the market, and the pictures of her are utterly demoralizing! located in Miamai, USA. The current bid is $92,000 USD with the Auction closing at 6am on November 7th New Zealand time.

30 october, from "livesaildie.com": "The name CERAMCO has a lot of meaning for sailors all around the world. Designed by Bruce Farr for Sir Peter Blake to race in the 1981-82 Whitbread Race, CERAMCO went on to break her rig and lose to eventual race winner Flyer. CERAMCO is also a previous winner of the Sydney to Hobart race, winning on both line and handicap in 1980 before setting off on her ill-fated race around the world.The boat resurfaced in 2013, competing in the Rolex Big Boat Series, where her crew paid homage to Sir Peter Blake, wearing his lucky red socks during a day of racing."

2018 March, from RB Sailing: "Ceramco appears to have been saved, and is on her way downunder, with a stop in Tahiti before sailing onwards to Bundaberg, Australia"

 2019 Early, seen in Bundaberg Marina

2022 July, Bundaberg Marina, picture from Facebook,