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E0 Disque D'Or 3, Z 1418
A jour: 2024
1980 plan Farr Design # 81, construit en aluminium,
LOA: 17.78 m/58'4", DWL: 13.75 m/45'1", Beam: 5.04 m/16'7", Draft: 2.76 m/9'1", Displ: 14,176 Kg/31,258 Lbs, Ballast: 6,140 Kg/13,536 Lbs

Comments from Farr Design website: "WRTWR MAXI "DISQUE D'OR": The commission for this design came from the Swiss Ocean Racing Club and called for a lightish displacement, easily handled, ocean racing yacht for long passage races including the 1981-82 Whitbread Round the World Race. The yacht - DISQUE D'OR 3 - was skippered by Pierre Fehlmann, one of Switzerland's best known all-round yachtsmen, who had also competed in the previous Whitbread Round the World Race.
The light displacement concept of this boat is not as extreme as we have used for Round the Buoys type racing yachts, so was not hit too hard by the DLF penalty introduced to the IOR Rule at the time of designing, while still having surfing and planing abilities far superior to more moderate displacement yachts. In a boat used for this style of racing, more displacement is required to carry the large quantities of stores to keep 10 men at sea for up to 40 days, and also to provide unquestionable structural integrity for racing in the southern latitudes.
Deck layout and interior arrangement were planned solely for maximum efficiency on long passage races and produced an arrangement substantially different from a Round the Buoys racing machine. Pierre Fehlmann's experience in the previous Round the World race, and subsequent passage races (some single-handed) has been utilized to the full in developing this design.
Construction is detailed in aluminum to give the reliability necessary for the boat's intended use.

1980 Janvier "Course au Large",

Mars "Neptune Nautisme",

Avril "Bateaux",

6 juin, Twostar Europe 1: DNS, éq: Gilbert RUMO,
12 juillet, Giraglia: 2e/?? Classe A
"Bateaux" septembre,

20 aout, XXXIe Championnat International de Méditérrannée, Ajaccio: 2 - 1 - 2 = 1er/3 Classe A IOR, Pierre FELHMAN
Octobre "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

1981 Février, SORC: NC/??,
27 février, Miami Nassau: 5e/?? Classe A temps compensé
Aout "Neptune Nautisme",

8 septembre,
WHITBREAD Race: 7 - 6 - 2 - 10 = 4e/29 en 2933h37', rating IOR: 36.8', Pierre FELHMAN
8 septembre, Solent-Cap Town: 7e/29 temps compensé 37j21h06', (et 7e temps réel)
31 octobre, Cap Town-Auckland: 6e/26 temps compensé 729h19' (et 7e temps réel)
"Yachting à Voile" janvier 1982,

26 décembre, Auckland-Mar Del Plata: 2e/23 en 531.78h temps compensé
, (5e temps réel en 642.16 heures réelles)

1982 27 février, Mar Del Plata-Portsmouth: 10e/22 en 793.33h temps compensé, (et 8e temps réel)
Photos extraites du livre "En Course" de Thierry Ranou,

Disque D'Or, 20
15 mai, La Rochelle-New Orléans: 22e/31,
A Vendre 400 000 Dollars

Stabilo Boss, 100
: 7 - 9 - 6 - 6 = 7e/9 60' en 163d21h42' à 29j, Bertie REED
Photo PC, archives revue "Bateaux",

Octobre "Voiles et Voiliers",

Picture from Facebook 2021,

1987 Janvier "Voiles et Voiliers",

Prestige Krost,
1987 Lisbon to Cape Town Bartolomeu Diaz race: ?e/??, Bertie REED
Some coastal races in South Africa

1988 Sold to Tracy Edwards
Refit in Hamble 
Maiden Great Britain, K ????
4 décembre, Route de la Découverte, Puerto Sherry - Saint Domingue, elapsed 11e/21 overall: 2e/16 monohull corrected time 16d10h17', Tracy EDWARDS

1989 Septembre "Bateaux",

Maiden, K 1418
"Un Sprint Autour du Monde", G Martin-Raget (1990),

2 septembre,
WHITBREAD Race: ? - ? - ? - 19 - ? - ? = 18e/23 Overall, 2e/5 Class C en 167j03h08', rating IOR: 46.55', Tracy EDWARDS
1e étape, Solent-Punta Del Este: ?e/23
Photo T. Vigoureux, Archives de la revue "Bateaux",

28 octobre, 2e étape, Punta Del Este-Freemantle: ?e/23 en ?' réel
23 décembre, 3e étape, Freemantle-Auckland: ?e/23 en ?' réel

1990 4 février, 4e étape, Auckland-Punta Del Este: 19e/23 en 30j12h06' réel
17 mars, 5e étape, Punta Del Este-Fort Lauderdale: ?e/22 en ?' réel
5 mai, 6e étape, Fort Lauderdale-Southampton: ?e/22 en ?' réel

Picture from R. Tomlinson, Facebook 2020,

1992 March "Yachting World",

1993 April "Yachting World",

1994 October "Yachting World",

1996 23 October, Hong Kong Challenge: ?e/??
December "Yachting World",

1997 Honolulu start of the 1997 Clipper Round the World fleet, (picture from Facebook 2022),

???? New owner, Terry NEILSEN

2000 Tall Ships Race: ?e/??,

Maiden, K 1418
Fastnet Race, elapsed time 4d08h01': 179e/218 IRC, coeff: 1.177, ??

2002 Round Ireland Race: 22e/28 IRC, coeff: 1.177, Terry NIELSON

2003 Fastnet Race, elapsed time 4d22h581': 218e/234 IRC, coeff: 1.175, Terry NIELSON

Prestige, ?

2009 Seen in Cape Town by Brian Hancock: "left abandoned in a dockyard in Cape Town, South Africa. Cockroaches had moved into the overhead lining, there was growth on the hull, there were even weeds growing up into the hull. Despite how it looked the essence of the boat was still there; clean lines, solid construction and a little bit of magic."

2010 June, seen in The Seychelles by Sam Davies

2013 8 January, From Jonathan Gill : "I spotted a wreck of a yacht with the word MAIDEN written on it at the Eden Island Marina in the Seychelles last week. The hull is painted grey but you can see Royal Blue livery below. I’m no racing yacht expert but the hull seems to be the right size and with two large wheels and twin wrenches for lifting sails appears to have a racing heritage. Also has Welsh Education Department sicker on hull suggesting it has UK origin and has been used in some form of education. Sadly didn’t take a photo..."

2014 11 aout, info Daily Sail: "Tracy Edwards is trying to raise money to restore the yacht. Now in a marina in the Seychelles. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/maiden-rescue"

2017 For Sale, at the Eden Island Marina, on Mahé, in the Seychelles
From Brian Hancock; "Tracy Edwards got word that the boat was for sale and flew out to take a look. The boat was even more of a mess than it was in Cape Town but the magic was still there and using money raised through crowd funding she purchased Maiden and paid to have it shipped back to the UK where it arrived last week"
Retour en GB - Back to UK

May, the extensive restoration project began, in Hamble 

2018 6 August, launched in Hamble
November, Maiden set sail in a three-year, 90,000 mile world tour covering over 40 stops in over 20 countries

2020 November, seen on 2023 Ocean Globe Race entrants list, catégory "Flyer Class", Tracy EDWARDS

Picture without date from Facebook 2020,

2021 September, Tracy Edwards on 2023 Ocean Globe Race entrant list
September, world tour start

2023 22 February, Tracy Edwards' Maiden Confirmed for Ocean Globe Race, "Edwards and crew have covered nearly 30,000 nautical miles visiting 20 destinations and engaging with schools, charities and organisations as part of her mission to educate, empower and elevate girls, increasing their life and career choices and also raising money to fund girls' educational projects around the world."
April, Cap Town, picture from Facebook,

10 September, Ocean Globe Race, Southampton-Cape Town-Auckland-Punta Del Este-Southampton: 3 - 4 - 4 - 5 = 1st/14, elapsed time 218d22h52', IRC 1.162, Heather THOMAS, full women crew
Leg 1 Southampton-Cape Town, 7 800 NM, elapsed time 41d00h43': 3e/14

Cape Town arrival, Picture from Facebook,

5 November, Leg 2 Cape Town-Auckland,
7250 NM, elapsed time 38d06h39': 4e/14

2024 14 January, Leg 3 Auckland-Punta Del Este, 4 980 NM, elapsed time 33d01h17': 4e/14
5 March, Leg 4
Punta Del Este-Southampton, 6 550 NM, elapsed time 41d17h52': 5e/14

18 April, arrival in Southampton, picture from Facebook,

April, from Facebook,