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Ozymandias, IR 10
à jour au: 2020
197? Plan Ron Holland, Club Shamrock,

1978 Owner, John Pettit

1987 Racing in Dun Laoghaire with John Pettit

1990's She was sailed in Foynes Yacht club in the 90s by Dave Scott

Aurora, IR 10

2016 New owner, Richard SHARP


2018 8 June, Midnight Race: ?e/8 IRC 2, R. SHARP

2020 15 March, Brass Monkey: 2 - 1 - 1.7 - 2 = 1er/8 IRC 2, R. SHARP
April, received from Richard Sharp: "I have no details about her history or a serial number. I purchased her in 2016 from Southern Ireland and sailed her to Liverpool where she has had a restoration and some successful racing results." with all three pictures,