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à jour au: 2022
1981 Plan Stahle, built in Sweden by Belander


1981 HALF TON CUP, Poole: 17 - 18 - 19 - 10 - 10 = 12e/32
Photo archives revue "Bateaux",

1982 HALF TON CUP, Piraeus, Greece: ?e/??
Picture from Facebook 2022,

1983 "She was optimized and re-measured, with new rudder and alteration of ballast proportions for the HTC"
Swedish Trials: 1er/??
18 juin, HALF TON CUP, Hanko Norvége: 11 - 8 - 17 - 10 - 12 = 10e/40, (Dan GÖRANSSON) noted on entrant list: U. BILLMARK

Vargtass, SWE 8974
28 juin, Gotland Runt, 346 NM: 19e/21 IMS 6S, corrected time 51h02

ww.mkbaat.no, NOR 9974
Picture from Norway Half Ton Class Facebook 2020,

8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 65': 8e/37 Lys R <1,15 en 15h56', Martin KAMPERHAUG

13 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 11e/24 Lys R 1,16-26 en 17h42', Oystein SPETLAND

Owner: Oystein Spetland

1/2 VEIS, NOR 9974
Owner, Rune Nor-Hansen, Club: Stavanger Seilforening

2012 February, mail from Dan Göransson with all information and this comment: "Cantippa. In your list it appears as designed by Berret. That is not correct.... Best result was in HTC Norway, as you correctly have registered she ended as 10th. However. I personally ran this project in 1983, together with my previous sailing partner from Trouble Shooter, Thorsten Brunius. In 1983, this was a low-budget project with the goal of getting the boat on to the market and sell it. She won the swedish trials 1983. As 10th, I believe we were quite satisfied as the second best placed Scandinavian boat, at least best Swedish boat with designer /world champion/Olympic medallist/Americas Cup challenger, Pelle Pettersson at 11th."

Sarpsborg EL Installasjon, NOR 9974
Owner, Havard Mathiesen Boe

MK baat, NOR 9974

2020 19 September, MK Bät Cup: 15e/20
20 September, from MK Båt AS Facebook page,

2021 New Owner, Stein Olsen
Pictures and comment from Norway Half Ton Class Facebook, " Stein Olsen a acheté '' Cantippa '' Le bateau a participé à la coupe du monde sur Hankø 1983 et est arrivé à une solide 10. ème place. Stone veut mettre le bateau en bon état, naviguer activement et surtout participer à la coupe du monde réunionnaise Hankø 2023. Félicitations"

2022 January, from Facebook,

Half Ton TuneUP, Hankö, Norway: ?e/??
Picture and comment from Facebook "Time for swept back spreaders and getting rid of the runners?"