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Alli Dell'Aria, I 8770
à jour au: 2021
19?? Plan Studio Peterlin,


Not build as Half Tonner

1979 June "Uomo Mare N°33"

1980 Giraglia: 6e/?? Classe V, FABIO-TERLIN

Picture from Italian magazine without date, (Facebook 2020),

2020 Pictures and comment from Facebook, "Ali dell’Aria, by Studio Peterlin, was really a good racer. I think that her IOR certificate could still be available"

2021 December, Comment and pictures from Facebook, "Ali Dell Aria's stern, in previous green with yellow and red striped edge on white, can be seen here, next to my blue, (now grey) Quarter Tonner H25, both before renovations, at RYCV. (2008)"

"She was a racer designed for the med area.
" "Not rated as a 22’HT, it was just a small V IOR class: maybe a wrong choice. Anyway Ali dell’Aria has really a lucky star: it’s a little (cruiser) racer, over 40 years old, not a famous boat, not a famous designer and she is still as per new on the other side of the world, I like it!"