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à jour au: 2016
1982 Plan Berret, Technicoque or built in aluminum by Osim


1982 23 aout, Half Ton Cup, Pireus, Greece: ?e/38
Pictures Facebook 2021

1983 THREE QUARTER TON CUP, Italie: 1 - ? - ? - 1 - ? = 2e/26, PRIORI, barré par Christine BRIAND
gonflé à 24,5 mat + gd de 1,3. Construit pour P. Priori, (Recidive plan Balogh 23e)
Septembre "Voiles et Voiliers",

Septembre, "Yachting à Voile"

Pictures from Facebook 2020,

1985 HALF TON CUP, Italie: 5 - ? - ? - 4 - ? = 4e/35. MANFREDINI

1987 Championnat Italien des Halfs: 6e/29, BARNI

Pictures from Facebook 2020,

2016 Owner: Gabriele Ridi, seen on ORC sailboat database

20?? New owner and new name:
Phoenix II,

2020 For Sale,
25 Mai, reçues de Marco Failla, "I have identified 1980 Berret  "Nastro Azzurro" built in aluminum by Osim, in my home Port Catania Sicily. the actual name is Phoenix. she has been refitted with a new mast and hul repaint, nice wooden interiors and is doing family cruising. She has a wheel steering that obiovsly it is not original. Moreover the boat is for sale in Catania"