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Ed Dubois,


Liste de bateaux,

Alchimist K 5777 1978, sank;
Beach Inspector KA 4277 1979 Kevlar and Klegecell construction, lenght: 9.40m, Fractional 3/4;
CT K 3633 Harwich Half Tonner 1978;
Fine Fettle
K 5246 Harwich Half Tonner 1979, 2011 for sale;
Flying Colours KA 4277 1979, ex "Beach Inspector";
Fuels Paradise KA 4803 Dubois 1981, ex "Madman's Woodyard";
Heroin N 2595 1980, renamed "Illusion";
High Hopes GBR 3633 Harwich Half Tonner 1978 ex "CT";
Highway Patrol KA 1983;

JPN Dubois 1/2T ?, 2005 15 aout, ?? Race (in Japan), 25': 8e/21 TYC;
Honey-Honey K 910 Dubois 1978 centreboarder, renamed "Meghan";
Illusion N 2595 1980, ex "Heroin";
Immigrant US ?, 2016 located in Annapolis, USA?;
It's A Hit KA 4803 Dubois 1982, ex "Madman's Woodyard";
Les Pécheries B 1980;
Lock On Wood KA H 100 1983;
Madman's Woodyard KA 4803 1981 ou 85?, renamed "It's A Hit";
Meghan GBR 910 1978, ex "Honey-Honey";
Pécheries ? 1980;
Public Nuisance KA 2277 Dubois 1983, ex "Beach Inspector";
Santa Evita K 1978;
Scorpion K 5592 1977;
Spu Quila
G ? ?, HTC 78;

The Millennium Falcon KA 4803 Dubois 1981, ex "Madman's Woodyard";
The Syndicate KA 3955 Dubois ?;
Trio TUR 139 1988, 2011 A Vendre;


Production boat:
Harwich Half Tonner, only 3 boats built


2022 Febuary, from Facebook, "Half tonner Ed Dubois by Mod Yachts.",

2022 January, from Facebook, from Australia, could be a Three Quarter Tonner!

2020 September, from Facebook, "Found this in a yard on the south coast UK yesterday... looks like an IOR half tonner to me but there was no identifying features to reinforce that... the stern looks vaguely familiar from my own IOR days (though not in that colour) but cannot recall the yacht’s name or designer? Any ideas?", ... "Appears to be cold-moulded build"... "It's a Dubois half tonner built in Jersey",


2020 Bunbeg harbour Donegal, unknow boat, should be an Harwich Half Tonner


2018 Plan Dubois Inconnu - Unkown Dubois Design, with this comment: ""Lock On Wood" looks like mine Dubois"?!