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à jour au: 2023
1979(??) Plan Angelo Lavranos, Charger 33

1990's From João 2023 "came to Brazil in the 90s with drugs hidden inside its mast."

1990's New owner Brazilian Navy and new name
Albatroz, BRA 1497

2012 5 June, Fred Hoffmann Picture

2018 New owner Brazilian Navy School and new name
Orion, BRA 1497

2021 6 June, 47e Regata DPC - ICI/CNG: ?e/??
Picture received from João Filipe,

10 October, 76e Regata Escola Naval Vela: ?e/?? RGS A
Picture received from João Filipe,

2022 9 October, 77e Regata Escola Naval Vela: 9e/13 RGS A, Victor Fonseca,

2023 May, received from João "The Brazilian navy apprehended the boat and gave it to the Brazilian Navy School where it served under the name of Albatroz until 2018, when it was finally given to Brazilian merchant navy academy. Now we call it Orion, and it is in good use since them"

With Two Tonner "Pegasus",