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Brugues, F 7554
à jour au: 2021
1978 Plan German Frers, Cirrus


???? new owner, ?

???? A Vendre - For Sale,

20?? New owner, ? (Dutch owner bought her in South of France and sailed her to NL (Lelystad was her home harbor then))
Brugues, NED

Picture received from Aernoudt (2020),

2003 New owner, ? (sailed form Hellevoetsluis the Netherlands),
Lovefool, NED

2008 May, Pictures received from Aernoudt (2020),

Pictures received from Aernoudt (2020),

2018 New owner, ? (sailed form Hellevoetsluis the Netherlands),
Pollux, NED

Pictures received from Aernoudt (2020),

2020 December, new owner, Aernoudt Bottemanne (sailed form the Netherlands),

2021 New boat name and sail number,
Early Morning Sunrise, NED 7554
29 August, received from Aernoudt "Sailing home this weekend, somebody made some pictures of the boat whilst sailing! I just had her measured for sail racing again, now has officially NED7554"

October, For sale my beatiful German Frers 3/4 tonner: She has been upgraded the past year for over 10.000 euro, running rigging (all dyneema) B&G equipment, AIS transponder, new electricity system, new ST winches, new bowsprit etc. etc. She has a Volvo Penta (2030-b; 29 HP) engine of 2005, and a lot of sails. Incl spinnaker and a-symmetrical (gennaker) (on a retractable bowsprit). Her deep lead ballast keel make her a very stable yacht. (solo sailing on HA + main, no reef till 6 bft!), hence ideal also for people that do not want to race just make longer distances per day comfortably. (originally this yacht was designed for the fastnet race, where she made 2nd place). ORC measured (in full; so full race letter is present: NED7554) Kitchen with 2 gas burners and a stove, new fridge (compressor type). Expensive nautical matras, which sleeps perfect, on the (large) bed up front: 2 meters long and 2 meters wide imensions: 10,10m long 3,3m wide 1,85m deep. Priced to sail: 26.950 euro Location: Hellevoetsluis, the Netherlands