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Valkirye, US 47105
à jour au: 2018
197? plan Peterson, built by Eichenlaub, strip-planked mahogany with glass outside

197? First owners: Neal/Riley/Hartman trio

1975 North American Quarter Ton Sailing Championship, Vancouver: 5e/??, Harris HARTMAN

1976 New owners: Rob and Lynne Britton

1977 Quarter-Ton North American Championship, San Diego: 10 - 13 - 12 - 11 - dnf = 11e/14, R. BRITTON

1980 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2017,

1989 Rob and Lynne donated 'Valkyrie' to Orange Coast.

2004 Three Bridge Fiasco, San Francisco: DNS/34 Class 4

2009 May, Paul B, seen on forum... "We know at least one of the three original Peterson/Eichenlaub pin tail QTs (Valkyrie) was cut up a few years ago. No one seems to know where the other two are ("Tickled Pink" and "El Principio").

2015 May, informations and picture from Dutch QT Facebook: "'Valkyrie' was one of the three Eichenlaub built Peterson designed 1/4 tonners. Carl Eichenlaub built an aluminum mast step structure after they found the bottom once too often in a Hot Rum race and broke the keelson. Rob and Lynne Britton bought 'Valkyrie' from the Neal/Riley/Hartman trio in 1976, they continued to build the SDYC fleet with Goose and then got Nelson to design 'Blivit' (which was unbeatable). 'Star Eyed Stel...la' joined the fleet from SWYC. Those were the days, they started 40 + boats in 3 MORA classes every other weekend. Racing 25 foot boats in the Cabrillo series.... Rob and Lynne donated 'Valkyrie' to Orange Coast in 1989, sounds like she had a long and productive life. Heard the boat was cut up later... Anyone more info?"

2018 July, information and picture from Dutch QT Facebook: "'One of the Eichenlaub sisters with El Principio and Tickled Pink. Little pintails that were as fast as any QT in the world at the time."