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2 Peterson Quarters, sister ship(?), "Star Eyed Stella" et "Kinkalpu":

Star Eyed Stella, US ?????
à jour au: 2020
197? plan Peterson #39,

From Peterson Design Facebook 2018, "Next up, Design #39, was the wider-sterned Star Eyed Stella. Is this the design the Lowell North sailed to win the North American IOR QT championship in 1974 -- El Principia? Composite Technologies / Island Yachts in Texas was going to go into production building them, but then the rule changed?"

1976 Quarter Ton Cup, Corpus Christi: 6 - 4 - 3 - 13 - 9 = 4/36bx, BLACKHALLER

This Peterson 1/4 tonner races in Texas against the Bus,

2009 May, from Paul B on forum: "At SWYC there is one QT, the Peterson "Star Eyed Stella", that hasn't been off the trailer for years. No HTs, not OTs." ,

2015 Pictures from Dutch QTC Facebook, "In the LA area marina parking lot for years"

2018 Comment from Dutch QTC Facebook "STAR EYED STELLA, Peterson Quarter Ton, Design #39, The first of the "post pintail" IOR boats from Doug. This was Doug's personal boat, sailed in the 1976 QT Worlds by Tom Blackaller to 4th Place. Currently under a major refit."

September, Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Currently at Kohler Kraft Boatyard in San Diego waiting for her refit."

2019 February, "Undergoing restoration at the yard starting February 2019. Looks similar to "Valkyrie" which unfortunately was cut up some years ago."

 December, from Dutch QT Class Facebook,  


2020 Mai, picture from Sailing Anarchy,

Kinkabou, G ???
à jour au: 1978
1978 plan Peterson #39, built at Yacht- und Bootswerft Burmester in Bremen

1978 Owner: Mister Kittlausz

2018 From Dutch QT Class Facebook, "The name of the boat was 'Kinkabou' and she was a 7,88 x 2,74 x 1,50 m wooden 'holz formverleimt' sistership of 'Star Eyed Stella' that finished 4th at the 1976 Quarter on Cup in Corpus Christi (USA) with skipper Tom Blackaller" with pictures