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El Principo, US 47171
à jour au:
197? plan Peterson, design #12

1974 8 juin, North America Championship, Corpus Christi: 1er/28, Lowell NORTH
Photo by Doug. Sailing off San Diego via Peterson Facebook

From Facebook 2019,

2009 May from forum: "We know at least one of the three original Peterson/Eichenlaub pin tail QTs (Valkyrie) was cut up a few years ago. No one seems to know where the other two are ("Tickled Pink" and "El Principio")"; 

2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook,

2017 Picture and comment from Dutch QT Facebook: "Twenty-eight boats sailed in the two classes with most of the fleet and the competition concentrated in the 24-boat Quarter Ton Class. Sailmaker Lowell North of San Diego sailing the Doug Peterson-designed 'El Principio' put together two firsts and a third in short races, a sixth in the 70-mile medium-distance race, and a first in the 150-mile long-distance race to edge John Mueller's Peterson-designed 'Tickled Pink' with Bob Chilton's 'Truckin' Machine' third. 'Tickled Pink' led 'El Principio' by 2 3/8 points at the start of the final race over an Olympic course, but in moderate winds North finished first while 'Tickled Pink' dropped to fourth to give 'El Principio' the NAYRU Championship by less than a point"