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Derniéres infos et photos reçues, Mai 2019,
Last pictures and updates received, May 2019,

Vendée Globe 2020,

Nouveau, ouverture d'une page Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Histoire-des-Halfs-821399188197479/ : New Facebook page is open...


009/05/2019, 11° Campionato Open Half Ton Classics, C.N. Tecnomar, Picture from HT Class Italia, 2e/10 "Gunboat Rangiriri",

Mi mai, reçu de Edouard Clet des infos et photo sur son Téquila Sport "Torrpenn",

May, On Histoiredeshalfs Facebook, received information and pictures from Arno Kucan Martinic, Norlin One Tonner "Hurricane" owner, and this comment: "Unfortunatelly still searching for any kind of technical documentation. Only have small lateral plan from Sailing magazine from 80'.."

End of May, received from Robert Ohlhaber some information about a TQT Contention 33 with a particular story "Sirius",

Fin mai, End of May, John G Smith (de Jersey) recherche un Manzanita... John G Smith (from Jersey) is looking for a Manzanita...

29 mai, Camaret, un muscadet inconnu, photo de Blutch,


A Vendre - For Sale : des Muscadets non identifiés, ...,

Vendu - Sold: V65 "Turn The Tide on Plastic", le TP52 ex "Audi Q8" de 2008, le One Tonner "Hurricane", le Figaro "Aragorn", le QT Eighteen 24 "Honi" (vendu en 2015), les minis 219, 265, 700, ...,

Adresse du blog sur la restauration du Eighteen "Honi": https://eygthene.blogspot.com/


adresse mail: histoiredeshalfs@orange.fr