TWO TONNERS: Sumary - Alphabetic List - Architect - Sail Number - Résults


Assegai (2), SA 611
à jour au: 1993
1981 Plan Lavranos, design #00??,


1983 New owner, and new name,
Sadie, SA 611

1993 "Cape to Rio Official program",

9 January, Cap To Rio Race: ?e/??, Micky WESTMORELAND

???? Apprehended by the Brazilian navy

???? New owner, Brazilian Navy School and new name
BRA 2079

2012 5 June, Fred Hoffmann Picture

2020 New owner, Brazilian Merchant Navy Academy and new name
BRA 2079

Pictures received from João Filipe,

2022 Copa Aniversario ICRJ: ?e/??
Picture received from João Filipe,

9 October, 77e Regata Escola Naval Vela: 1st/7 Proa 1, João Filipe DOS SANTOS
Pictures received from João Filipe,

2023 May, received from João Filipe "The second one is a Two Tonner 41’, we don’t know its project or place of build; in fact, we don’t have much information about this one. It was also and sent to the Navy School by the name of Quiricomba, and in 2020 it was given to us and now it goes by the name Pegasus. I'm trying to do some research but can´t find much", with Charger 33 "Orion",