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Golden Apple, IR 115
à jour au: 2023
1974 Plan Ron Holland, built at the South Coast Boatyard in Rochestown, Cork, by Killian Bushe and his father George Bushe. Coque en bois moulé

Pictures from Ron Holland Design Facebook June 2019, "George Bush and John McWilliam' during the building of Golden Apple"

1974 April, launching,

Picture from "Official Guide to The One Ton Cup..." (Facebook 2020),

Juillet "Bateaux":

14 juillet, One Ton Cup, Torbay: 3 - 7 - 19 - 8 - 7 = 7e/33
, Ron HOLLAND, owner: H. COVENEY
Picture from Ron Holland Design Facebook June 2019

From Facebook 2020,
"Skipped by Harold Cudmore she was very fast but suffered from lack of pre-race training and suffered a number of incidents,as above, to finish 7th overall. Cup won by “Gumboots”."

Photo Patrice Carpentier, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Cowes-Cork: 1er/? Classe III,
Octobre "Neptune Nautisme "

Octobre "Les Cahiers du Yachting"

Novembre "Bateaux"

The Queen's Cup: 1er/??
Irish Sea Offshore Racing Ass. (ISORA), results 1974: 9e/44 A1

Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook, 2015 and 2020:

1975 18 juillet, Cowes-Dinard: 4e/31 Classe III, temps réel 39,2h
Channel Race:
1er/? Classe III, I.R. EDWART
Fastnet Race: 8e/41 Classe III elapsed time 116h20'

1976 7 mai, Seine Bay race: 6e/?? Classe III,
21 Mai, Cervantes Trophy, 229': 2e/?? Classe III en 42h05', I.R. EDWART
11 juin, De Guingand Bowl Race: 1er/16 Classe III
Golden Apple, K 375
One Ton Cup, Marseille: ?e/43
Picture from "Bateaux" magazine archives,

1977 Scottish Series: ?e/??, ?
Pictures from Historic Scottish Series Images

1979 Aout, Fastnet race: ?e/?? Classe III,

???? Sold to Danish owner

2021 For Sale, Ron Holland 1 tonner, Årgang: 1974, Motor: BMW, Længde: 11,75 m, Bredde: 3,70 m, Dybgang: 2,00 m, Ligger i: Augustenborg, DK, Pris: DKK 449.000

From irish magasine "Afloat" "Cork’s Legendary Golden Apple of 1974 is a Crisp & Tasty Treat For Sale in Denmark. After going through a couple of post-Coveney ownerships in the south of England, many years ago Golden Apple went to Denmark. There, she has been much loved and kept in extremely good order thanks to wintering in one of those classy Baltic boat-sheds where the heating comes on if freezing temperatures threaten."
New owner, Kaspar Stubenrauch
Golden Apple, GER 8415

2023 March, received from Kaspar "It is my intention to next year rejoin many of the 1974 1-ton participants, for a 50-years celebration for "Gumboots", in Travemünde, during "Travemünder Woche".
Would you have contact details to some of those 1-ton boats, which raced in 1974?