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Mark Twain, KA SM 101
à jour au: 2018
1971 Plan Sparkman & Stephens built by D. Brooker/Quilkey Bros in thilmber sheathed


1972 One Ton Cup, Sydney: 6 - 8 - 5 - 5 - 2 = 6e/15
Sydney-Hobart: 1er/? OT

1973 Mars "Bateaux"

1977 Sydney Nouméa Race: 1er/?? IOR

1979 Sydney Hobart: 65e/147 IOR, 3d11h00' corrected time, K. JONES 
Picture fromSydney-Hobart website,

1985 Sydney Hobart: 125e/78 IOR , 4d03h05' corrected time, H. O'NEILL/C. WARD/B. WHITE

1988 Sydney Hobart: 62e/92 IOR, H. O'NEILL

1990 Sydney Hobart: 26e/59 IOR, 3d06h23' corrected time, H. O'NEILL

1992 Sydney Hobart: 30e/59 IMS, 3d05h23' corrected time, H. O'NEILL

1993 Sydney Hobart: 11e/24 IMS, H. O'NEILL

1995 Sydney Hobart: 45e/75 IMS, H. O'NEILL

1996 Sydney Hobart: 14e/18 PHS, 4d13h22' corrected time, R.J. LANGMAN

Mark Twain, A 113
Sydney Hobart: 12e/34 PHS, 4d18h56' corrected time, R.J. LANGMAN

1998 Sydney Hobart: 17e/23 PHS, 3d07h31' corrected time, R.J. LANGMAN

2000 Sydney Hobart: 16e/22 IRC, 5d13h19' corrected time, IRC: 0.986, Hugh O'NEILL

2002 Sydney Hobart: 6e/16 PHS , 3d11h48' corrected time, Hugh O'NEILL
La 25e participation à la course pour le bateau!

20?? For Sale in Melbourne

2018 October, from Sailing Anarchy: "The next Sydney to Hobart winner? How the hell do we know? But we know that we dig it when some down under mates get a classic – it this case, a 1971 S&S One Ton – start to optimize it, with the goal of trying to win class and have a shot at overall. Ya gotta love people’s passion and appreciation for the history of our sport. We’ll have more on this project as it goes along!"

8 décembre, CYCA Trophy Series: 4 - 2 = 2e/6 IRC 2, Michael SPIES
8th December, from Sailing Anarchy: "A great shot by Crosbie Lorimer of the classic S&S one tonner Mark Twain going upwind in her first race as they prepare to take on the Sydney to Hobart race.  Impressive!"

18th December, from Sailing Anarchy, Michael Spies: "... The boat required more work and time than originally planned but with some new sails from Ian Short,coupled with some recycled on repurposed sails from other programmes, including a Blooper I found at Minneys, in Newport Beach,The ergonomics of the early IOR boats were horrible and Mark Twain was no exception, so we gave the deck layout a major tune up, still very mindful in trying to preserve the historic nature of the boat. The use of Rope Jammers and some Self Tailing Winches have gone a long way to achieve this..."

26 décembre, Sydney Hobart, elapsed time 4d03h50' (74e): 52e/72 IRC, Rating: 0,968, Michael SPIES