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Gaboon, US 25325
Last update: 1998
1978 Plan Gary Mull, built by Gougeon Brothers of Bay City, Michigan

From Facebook 2023, " Built to win on Lake St. Claire, light air and chop. The ballast wasn’t wasn’t in the bottom of the keel, it was in the middle. I never understood that until I raced my boat in Charleston, 2800 pounds with 1800 in the bulb, and felt the boat getting tossed around, pivoting about a point a foot above the bulb and and 4 feet below the waterline… and then I understood."

1978 Harbor Springs: ?e/?? 
From Facebook 2024,

1980 US One Ton Cup: 7 - 5 - 8 - 3 = 5e/14, Doug WAKE

From Facebook 2023, "GABOON, Garry Mull designed, cold molded One Tonner, 1978, off Harbor Springs MI. Phil Uhl Photo"

From Facebook 2023 "Gaboon Leaving for the Port Huron Mac.",

198? New owner, Joe Parker

1988 Bayview Mac Race: 1st/?? Class ?, Joe PARKER

From Facebook 2023, Joe Parker : "What a great boat she was. We owned her for a couple years and did exceptionally well with the boat, including class win in the Bayview Mac in 88"