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Conamor, US ?????
à jour au: 2023
1982 Plan Nelson-Marek 39, built by OB Boatworks

1982 Newport-Bermuda Race: 1st/??, Steve LEIBER


2023 March, Pictures and comment from Facebook: "Has sat at dock next to our house for years . Steve passed away couple of years ago . Was fantastic boat in the early 80’s . I have been surprised it stayed afloat . We have always kidded that Steve was keeping for his Viking Funeral ."

"Conamor was an N/M 39 (sister-ship to '81 Admirals Cupper Stars & Stripes) built by OB Boatworks for Steve Leiber in 1982. Steve was a most enthusiastic owner and enjoyed racing Conamor for many years, including a class win in the 1982 Newport-Bermuda Race. RIP Conamor, and Steve - I didn't know he had passed away."
"Poor boat sat at the dock for 35 years. I called the owner about 30 years ago to see if he would charter the boat to me. He said no, and that if the boat was going to be sailed, he would do it with his son. Never happened. So close, yet so far."
At the McMichael yard in Mamaroneck,

"This boat has not seen any service for 35+ years. What parts would you like?"