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Pen Dragon VI, USA 7744
last update: 2023
2009 Plan Laurie DAVIDSON, built by Franklin, NZ, LOA 70'

2008 December, At this stage, the hull is still upside down, having been lowered onto the internal structure. The floors, bulkheads, keel case and engine bed are now all in place, while work continues on the deck.
Once the deck is ready, the hull will be lifted and then lowered onto the deck. The hull will then be painted and then turned right way up.

2009 March, Rapid progress is being made, with interior finishing taking place, along with deck fairing and finishing ready for painting.
Cockpit gear is also being fitted prior to final finishing and painting.
May, Resplendent in her lustrous red and gold livery, Pendragon VI sits in Franklin's contruction shed for the last few hours before taking a road trip to the Christchurch port of Lyttelton for fitting of her 5 metre long, 9 ton lifting keel and then shipping to Auckland for the fitting of her 30 metre mast and her sail wardrobe.
November "Seahorse",

2010 24 February, San Diego to Puerto Vallarta race: DNF/12

2011 February "Sailing Anarchy", go/no go? "When the newest Laurie Davidson designed Pendragon hit the water last year, the boat was fraught with problems - keel, rudders, performance... The boat is now back in the water after mucho mods and we're pretty sure there are a lot of clenched asses that won't relax until the boat delivers some good results. Their first race back in really light air didn't look too promising. We hope to have a report on the 'new' boat soon..."
4 March, Island Race: 4e/11 ORR
19 March, Newport to Cabo race: 4e/4 ORR Div 0, John MacLAURIN, Marina del Rey, CA
July, Transpac Race: 4e/??

2013 23 March, Newport - Cabo Race, elapsed time 96h09': 4e/8 ORR1

2014 20 June, Giraglia Rolex: DNF/144 IRC, IRC: 1.584, Nicola PAOLESCHI
14 octobre, Barcolana, Triestre: 102e/1902

2015 17 June, Giraglia Cup, St Tropez-Giraglia-Genova, 241NM, elapsed time 39h05': 95e/145 IRC,
11 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 85e/962 classés

2016 June, For Sale 2010 Lawrie Davidson 70. 895000 USD. Located in Viareggio, Italy. Pendragon VI was launched in California in December, 2010, the largest of a line of Davidson designs built for a local Southern California yachtsman for all-out racing in both inshore and offshore races. The boat is built entirely in carbon fibre pre-preg and was constructed at Franklin Boat Works in New Zealand. Seriously high quality offering with mini-maxi speed as a fraction of the price. Location Viareggio

15 June, Giraglia, 241NM, elapsed time 1d22h39': 113e/136 IRC, Nicola PAOLESCHI
9 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 3e/1107 classés, Gorgio PITTER

2017 14 June, 65° Giraglia Race, 241 NM, elapsed time 37h25': 24e/123 IRC, Nicola PAOLESCHI
July, For Sale Davidson Custom 70 (Mini Maxi) - PENDRAGON VI, 850 KE

Adelasia Di Torres, USA 7744
3 September, Maxi Yacht Cup, Porto Cervo: 4 - 4 - 4 - 3 - 4 - 4 = 4e/4 Mini Maxi R
8 October, Barcolana, Triestre: 3e/2108, Lorenzo BODINI

Pendragon VI
11 May, Regatta Dei Tre Golfi, 170 NM, elapsed time 20h49': 3e/8 IRC, Nicola POALESHI/Riccardio PAVONCELLI
31 May, 151 Miglia, 148 NM, elapsed time 15h30': 11e/65 IRC
July, For Sale 2010 Davidson 70. 895,000 USD. Located in Italy. PENDRAGON is our latest central listing,that we have been asked to market and sell due to her current owner realizing that a larger boat would suit his needs better. She is a Franklin built, Lauri Davidson designed mini maxi that is presently located in Italy. She is an imaculate yacht from her three spreader Southern spar rig down to her lifting keel. No expense was spared to make her the fastest and prettiest girl at the prom.
21August, Palermo Montecarlo: DNF/36 IRC

2019 12 June, 67° Giraglia Race, 241 NM, elapsed time 1d10h11': 26e/115 IRC
R'92 Pendragon,
19 October, Middle Sea race, elapsed time 3d16h37': 48e/98 IRC, Zsolt KIRALY

Pendragon VI
020 11 October, 52e barcolana, Triestre: Cancelled, (strong weather) Carlo ALBERINI
17 October, Venice Hospitality Cup: ?e/15 Maxi Yachts
Picture from race website,

2021 5 May, Regate Di Primavera: 4 - 7 - 2 = 3e/15 IRC Cruiser, Carlo ALBERINI
Regata dei Tre Golfi, Line Honour: ?e/??
13 juin, Genoa-Sanremo Race, 67 NM, elapsed time 18h35': 2e/22 IRC, TCC 1,5610
16 juin, 68° Rolex Giraglia Race, 241NM, elapsed time 31h05': 43e/75 IRC
21 august, Palermo - Montecarlo, 437 NM, elapsed time 62h20': 14e/33 IRC
16 September, RoundItaly Genova-Trieste, 1132 NM: 1er/5, 6d18h03'
9 October, Barcolana, Triestre: DNF/1660
December, For Sale, 2009 Davidson Custom 70 (Mini Maxi). 650000 EUR Located in Pesaro, Italy. Davidson Custom 70 (Mini Maxi) designed by the ultimate America’s Cup designer Laurie Davidson. Large investment in 2020 and her trophy cabinet proves her ability as an impressive coastal racer that really goes well in light airs! Comfortable interior unlike many of her sisters

2023 New Owner, and new name,
L'Intépide, FRA
March, information received from Philippe,
30 May, Lorient,