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History of HALFS


Main objectif is to find the hystory of each half tonners.

My main source are nautical review, ("Bateaux", "Neptune Nautisme", "Les Cahiers du Yachting", "Course au Llarge", and a few "Voiles et Voiliers" and "Seahorse") and halftonclasseurope site.

Are listed most of the boats found engaged in major event such Half Ton Cup or Aurore-Figaro, and smaller races as IOR Class V. Then on IRC races.


List of Production series build Halftonners

Mail address: histoiredeshalfs@orange.fr

1985 Janvier "Bateaux",

"Histoire des halfs" is the first part of the website, and give name to it. Then they are few other categories I try to find history:

Quarter Tonners - Minis - Figaro - Three Quarters Tonners - One Tonners - Class 40' Open - Formule 40 - 50' Monohulls - 50' Multihulls - TP52 - 60' Monohulls - 60' Multihulls and G Class

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