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NED 847, ?? J20
à jour au: may 2023
2007 plan Dix, MK1

2006 Construction plans were acquired by Conrad Groeneveld

2007 Launched

2014 New owner, Coen Pen and new name
Micpoint 650, NED 847
Scheduled to take part in the 2015 Mini Transat Regatta. In preparation for the race, the sails and the entire rig were replaced
Pictures from http://ger-847.oliver-birnbaum.de/

2018 October, For Sale, lying in Netherland,

2020 New owner, Oliver Birnbaum and new name,
Rossinante, GER 847

2021 25 April, Picture and comment from http://ger-847.oliver-birnbaum.de/ "After scraping off the old antifouling, the old water pass was barely visible and the old water pass had some unsightly waves. For the tracing and re-taping, the boat was first aligned with a spirit level. A cross laser was then used to mark the line."

May, received from Oliver, all information and "In June 2020 I bought ClasseMini # 847 (micpoint). The urgently needed refit of the boat is currently taking place, see http://ger-847.oliver-birnbaum.de/
# 847 will be relaunched in Lelystad in September 2021. The new name of GER-847 is "Rosinante"

2022 17 November, Régate du port de Lelystad: ?e/8
Picture from http://ger-847.oliver-birnbaum.de/

2023 14 March, back to water