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USA 837, ?, EY3
à jour au: janvier 2021
2012 plan G Yacht Design, RG650 built by Riotecna in Argentina

2013 March, ordered by Vernon Hultzer, Info and picture from RG650 Europe blog,

Team Wichard
5 Juin, Bermuda 1-2: 1 en 95h07' - 2 en 132h54' = 2e/4 Class Mini en 228h01', éq: Heather HULTZER, Vernon HULTZER

2016 Juin, site Mini, The RG-650 is the newest member of the Mini 6.50 production class family. TEAM WICHARD is a prime example of why the RG 650 is the fastest Mini on the water with her winning pedigree in races like the Bermuda 1-2. Built in Argentina by a specialized team and under a strict quality control, the RG 650 is a One Design ocean racing boat; as established by the Classe Mini. TEAM WICHARD is set up as a PROTO/OPEN classe Mini. This boat has a fully optimizes rig and sails plan to take every advantage of rule allowances. One of the most highly optimized mini's there is! Located Annapolis,

August, Governor's Cup race, Annapolis to St Mary's: ?e/??

2017 2 Juin, Bermuda 1-2: 1 en 122h05' - dnf = DNC/4 Minis, éq: Heather HULTZER, Vernon HULTZER


2018 27 aout, Site Classe Mini, For Sale 2013 RG650 Mini Transat, very well equipped, excellent condition and ready for offshore racing. Meticulously maintained. Boat is dry sailed, on an included a road legal aluminum trailer. This boat is the most well appointed mini650 in the US. She has won the Bermuda 1-2 twice, and is ready to do it again. Facebook: Thunder - 837 Ocean Racing

2020 23 May, For sale,

Terminal Leave, USA 837
7 janvier, Mini Transat: 30e Pré inscrit ne remplissant tous les critéres (par ordre de No de bateau), 0' sur le bateau, 0' en course, 1000' négatif