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à jour au: mai 2011
2005 Plan Lombard, Zéro Jaune

2008 Janvier, vu sur la liste des Minis.

2009 18 juin, La Cinquecinto: DNF/3 minis. Éq: RAUCH, RAUCH
7 novembre, acheté par Marco Rossi.

2010 20 janvier, mail de Marco Rossi "The boat is now placed on Iseo lake in northern Italy and will transfer to Genoa end 2010"

2011 27 mars, Arcipelago 6.50, 160' double: ??e/29ttc, 9e/20 series, Eq: Daniel VALLI, Marco ROSSI
23 avril, GP d'Italie, 500' double, Genova-Sardegna-Genova: 19e/28ttc en 4j19h36', 13e/18 series a 11h15', Eq: Pietro PARROCCHETTI
Zero ITA 521 – SpeedyG for sale - 31.000 Euro, I'm selling my ZERO built in 07/2004, launched in 04/2005. The boat is in very good condition, only 3 Mini 6.50 races. The buoyancy volume is updated (rules 2012). Incl. 4-wheel trailer, N.2 spare rudder blades. Raymarine/Garmin equipment, S1G Tiller pilot + spare ram. All dyneema running rigging. The boat has a complete technical documentations and many pictures for the assembly and set-up. It's visible in Italy (near Genova). I can send pictures. Price: 34.000 € with the trailer, 31.000 € without trailer

2012 23 mars, Arcipelago 6.50, ?, 160' en double: 10e/21ttc en 43h34', 7e/15 séries à 3h13'. Éq: Andrea LORENZI, Marco ROSSI
14 avril, GP d'Italie, ?, 540' en double: DNF/22ttc. Éq: Andrea LORENZI