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SWE 493, ?? J 9
à jour au: septembre 2018
2006 plan Dix,


2003 September, Jens Porne start to build this Dix Design

Jens Porne "I´m building a Dix mini in Stockholm, Sweden. The boat is almost ready and now i´m starting to build the swing keel. I hope to launch her in a couple of months"

2006 "40 files, last one added on Sep 30, 2006",

20?? New Owner, Jens Burberry

2018 September from Swedish selling site Blocket (www.blocket.se), SWE 493 for sale! Canting keel. Sails in good condition. Main, jib, gennaker, storm jib. Hydraulic autopilot with rategyro, wind instruments, vhf, gps..., Price: 120 000 kr,

2022 May, For Sale,