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A jour au: janvier 2023
2000 Pogo Rouge


2000 Barcelone: 7 - ? = ?e/22ttc, 6e/11 en série éq: Bruno GARCIA, Albert RIUS Espagne

2002 Mini Barcelona: ?e/??ttc, 10e/11s, en 6j 18h, à 21h. Éq: Miguel DELCLOS, Albert RIUS
Triangle du Soleil: 14 - 13 - abandon = DNF. Éq: Galia MOSS (Mexicaine) Daniel SCHAFFER. Israel

2004 Mini Barcelona: 3e/20ttc, 3esérie, en 4j21h, à 10h. Éq: J. Marc LO PINTO, David AUGEIX
Mini Max: ?/27ttc. Éq: ?
Mini Med: 15 à 7h 1erS - 34 à 10h - 20 à 4h = 17e/43ttc en 7j 1h, 2e/15 série à 1h37'. Éq: Cyril HOEBLER
Octobre, 1000' de qualif: OK

2005 MT: inscrit No 36, 2915' en course, 1000' de qualif le 28 oct 04. David AUGEIX
Mini Lion: 9e/21ttc
Mini Max: 6e/15ttc
en 2j12h00', à 5h. Éq: Emmanuel LAURENT

TRANSAT 6.50: 33e à 23h (9es) - ? = 42e/72ttc à 6j 21h, 16e/30S à 3j 19h. David AUGEIX
Novembre, Vends Pogo 1 N°323. Année 2000. Deux jeux de voiles, deux pilotes, ber. Armement complet Transat. Disponible retour Transat. Visible 34. Prix : 32 000 euros tout équipé ou prix à débattre selon inventaire.

2006 3-4 juin, Mini Solo: 9e/35ttc, en 7h28', 4e/17 série à 7'
Petit Calvo, ESP 323
21 octobre, Mini Barcelona: 22e/32ttc en 47h29', 13e/21 série à 5h30'. P. A. ENSENYAT

2007 19 avril, II Trofeo Taylor Woodrow, Espagne, 150m en double: DNF/10ttc. Équipier: Jonsi ENSEGUI
27 avril, Castellón Mini Race, Espagne 140' en solitaire: 2e/6ttc en 29h29', 1er en série
2 juin, Mini Lion, 500' en double: DNS

Sol Mallorca,
9 janvier, Grand Prix Atlantico, Gibraltar, Lanzarote, Martinique: inscrits/5 minis. Pere Antoni ENSENYAT

2012? New owner, nouveau propriétaire qui le convvoie en mer Adriatique, puis le sort de l'eau

2017 June, new owner, Roberto, and new name:
Mor Bihan, ITA 323
August, mail with pictures from from Roberto: "323 was bought in Spain and sailed (with her past owner ) from there to north adriatic sea. Then stopped in a Shipyard in Monfalcone for 4 years (fortunally out of water) where we find her in june 2017. Now she changed her name to MOR BIHAN in honor of the Breton land where she was born and of the "little sea" (the Adriatic) where she sails now. Will be based in Marina di Ravenna. First of all, we want to take confidente with the boat (and we have to di some work on her too). Our aim for the next year is to take part in some race in the Adriatic sea."

2018 16 septembre, Memorial Simone Bianchetti: DNF/9, éq: Matteo SASSI, Roberto GHINI
Photos de Roberto,

2021 30 April, La Duecento, 100NM: 5e/6 Minis, Roberto GHINI
October, from Roberto via Facebook, "Possa tu correre a lungo , Mor Bihan, e possa il nuovo armatore ricevere da te ciò che tu hai dato a me. Fair winds and following sea, ita 323."

New owner, Matteo Dalla Pozza,
December, received from Matteo "Although the boat is in great structural condition and does have B&G as pilot system and many many sails, it does need an extensive refit inside and outside. Fortunately mostly aesthetics. 
We plan to remove the old grey wrapping to bring back the original red color, to repaint the deck, to apply a new non-skid deck paint, hull waxing, new antifouling and also to repaint the interior. For the interior we will require some time XD

2023 23 janvier site Class Mini, ITA 323 POGO 1 FOR SALE *20.900€*, Perfect for begginers, Refitted in 2022 redy to sail. photo de l'annonce,