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Santa Evita, K 5332
à jour au: 2023
1978 Plan Dubois, built by Fox's, L: 9,27m; largeur: 2,93m, DSPL: 2677kg
'Santa Evita' designed by Dubois was built in wood and was used as the mould for the Harwich Half Ton production boats.


1978 Advert. picture from Facebook 2023,

, Poole: ? - 4 - ? - ? = 259,5pts, 5e/40, BAGNALL Brothers
July "Seahorse",

1980 EAORA: 1er/?? Class III, T. VERNON & T.LEE
November "Seahorse",

Santa Evita, GBR 5332
Complete Hull resteration.

2011 'Santa Evita' was rerigged in 2011 with fractional rig in replacement of her original mast-head rig.     
21 aout, HALF TON CLASSIC, Cowes: (21) - 13,5 - 3 - 13 - 6 - 6 - (17) - 16 - 13 - 14 = 97,5pts, 11e/38. IRC: 0,922, Denzill WILLIAMS

Photos Fiona Brown

2012 28 February, Half ton class Europ: FOR SALE: Santa Evita, Santa Evita has been optimised to IRC racing with new swept spreader rig using non overlapping battened headsails will out point most of the competition, a 0.922 rating is very competitive winning lots of local regattas and 11th in ½ ton cup 2011 our 1st big event, lots more to come.  A much admired yacht with a unique cockpit layout, that actually works for 4-5 people! Complete Hull resteration in 2007/8 2 pack paints throughout. New in 2008, Mast, Dyform rigging, dyneema ropes throughout, Spectra sails road trailer, Harken deck gear, New in 2011 Main No1 in Kevlar D4, This is a very reluctant sale after all the hard work but due to an ever growing family size, I feel a new owner would get a lot more use than I would. Ready to race. On road trailer with mast strapped to deck, ready to be transported anywhere. Price: £20000

2013 Felixstowe Regatta: 20 - 23 - 22 - 23 = 23e/24 IRC, IRC: 0,922, James FISHER

2014 5 July, Felixstowe Regatta: 7 - 6 - 4 = 6e/10 Cruiser

2015 Some refit work in Fox's

From Facebook 2020,

2023 January, from Facebook, "Yes its Santa Evita One off design by Ed Dubois, Cold Moulded, now converted to Swept back Spreaders. In very solid condition. Suspect very good age allowance?", "Santa Evita in Foxes Boatyard . You can tell by the keyhole cockpit. My Wife sailed on her back in the day-Beautiful - like her !"