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The Syndicate, KA 3955
à jour au: 2006
19?? Plan Ed Dubois, Built by ??

1987 Pittwater Coff Harbour race: 1st/??

1988 August "Offshore",

6 August, Sydney Gold Coast Race: ?e/??, David STEWARD
27 December, 8th Pittwater to Coff Harbour Race, 235 NM: 3e/??

???? Based in Townsville, AUS,

2006 For sale in Townsville

From a forum 2009, Peter "Do any of the knowledgeable souls from IOR days know the early history of "THE SYNDICATE" out of the same mold as "Beach Inspector" a Dubois designed half tonner.I have had it for a few years and apart from a few mods to make it more liveable it is as built. I have drawings of a new bulb keel but resisted the urge to use them".