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Lynx, K 973Y
à jour au: 2021
1968 Plan Holman and Pye, built by Tucker Brown of Burnham, She is 'strip built' in mahogany on rock elm. LOA  9.42m; LWL 6.86m; Beam 2.77m; Draft 1.68m; Net Wt. 3.17tonnes


1968 December, she was designed by Holman and Pye and built Tucker Brown of Burnham-on-Crouch in time for the 1969 Half Ton Cup in Sandhamm.

1969 Vessel was trailable by road to Sweeden.
, Sandhamm: 20 - 33 - 24 - 7 - 23 = ?e/42,
Photos archives revue "Bateaux",

1971 New Owner, Terry Swan

1974 New Owner, Harry Tribe

Lynx, K 5097

1975 EAORA Beta Division: 3e/?? Class III

1976 Sunk Race: 1st/?? Class III
EAORA Beta Division: ?e/?? Class III
Janes Cup, Beta Division: 1st/?? Class III

1977 Janes Cup, Beta Division, 1st/?? Class III
EAORA 1st/?? Class III, 2e/?? Overall

1979 Janes Cup, Beta Division: 1st/?? Class III

1996 New Owner: David Skinner.

2004 Jane Mardell and Anthony Meehan bought her from David Skinner.

2013 15 juin, SYH Classic Yacht Regatta: 27 - dnc - 26 = 33e/56

2014 14 June, SYH Classic Regatta: 6 - 13 - 4 = 6e/20 in Class, (25e/50 Overall)

5 juillet, Felixstowe Regatta: 5 - 4 - 6 = 4e/10 Cruiser
December, received all informations in blue and pictures from Anthony Meehan: "She is in near-original condition (see photos) and still taking part in club and 'classic' racing (rated 0.830). All of those owners kept her in Burnham-on-Crouch where she was raced for many years. Now she is kept on the River Orwell in Suffolk. Lynx is a well know boat in the area. There are many people who raced on her or against her. There are even people who helped build and maintain her. You will see that she is of a generation that predates most of the half tonners in your list. We are keen to keep her in near-original condition, which means she is unlikely to be competitive if we were to take part in today's HTC races. But we are thinking about travelling to be spectators!"

2015 20 June, SYH Classic Regatta: 10 - 6 - 5 = 5e /18 in Class, (19e/46 Overall)
Septembre, inscrit à la HTC 2016 à Falmouth

2016 11 June, SYH Classic Regatta: 3 - 2 - 3 = 2e/20 in Class, (15/47 Overall)
Septembre, mail from Anthony Meehan, "I'm sorry we didn't make this year's racing in Falmouth. I'd asked other owners about whether our boat would be competitive, but, even with an IRC handicap of .830, it is was obvious that our boat, which is in near original condition, would be far behind the others. Looking at the results and photos, most competitors have boats that have been completely modified."

2017 17/18 June, SYH Classic Regatta:  8 - 9 - 8.5 = 8e/13 in Class, (26-27-25.5 = 25e/34 all classes)
15 juillet, Felixstowe Regatta: 10e/10 Cruiser, Jane MARDELL & Anthony MEEHAN

2018 9/10 June, SYH Classic Regatta:  3 - 2 - 6 = 3e/20 in Class, (10-9-19 = 12e/35 all classes)

2019 22/23 June, SYH Classic Regatta:  2 - 5 - 3 = 3e/16 in Class, (9 - 12 - 12 = 12e/32 all classes).

2021 26 June, SYH Classic Regatta:  A - 2 - A = 2e/14 in Class, (A - 12 - A = 12e/28 all classes), Anthony MEEHAN