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à jour au: 2021
1994 Plan Castro Built by


1994 Mise à l'eau
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Fend La Bise, FRA 17871

2015 Noté ILC 30

2016 24 July, 41º Trofeo Conde de Gondomar. Monte Real Club de Yates: ?e/??

2019 12 January, Open di Hivernio de Cruceros: 8 - (ret) - 8 - 8 = 9e/12, Jean Claude SARRADE

2021 From Tony Castro Design Facebook page "This was a lovely ½ tonner with many new ideas at the time and an owner, Jean Claude, that made me laugh every time we talked. He could have won the Half-Ton Cup but they broke the mast on the offshore race. The boat was quick. The French owner was very involved, committed and enthusiastic and that made it a pleasure for me. He lived in the north of Portugal and sailed mostly in the Spanish Vigo and Bayona areas. Later after many years in IOR and IMS the boat was used for double handed racing again with some success. I enjoyed this project…"